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The Market Center of Porto by KW Somos is in the start-up phase and will be located in the emblematic neighborhood of Boavista. KW Somos develops its activity in the real estate market, within the scope of Keller Williams Portugal since 2015. Currently, this Keller Williams Portugal franchisee has 2 Market Centers, one located in Vila Nova de Gaia, and the new one that will be in Boavista .

KW Somos is the fastest growing real estate company in Gaia and this does not happen by chance:

  • By helping to build the career of their consultants, they pay back by helping to build the company;
  • By providing the best training in the world, the best technology, sharing financial results and empowering our agents;
  • We are a consultancy and training company, which happens to be in the real estate sector,

We are for you!


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