Online Commercial Registry

The Online Commercial Registry is access through the Internet, in real time and at any time to all computerized records of an entity registered in the commercial registry office.

What is the Online Commercial Registry?

As mentioned, the the Online Commercial Registry (not to be confused with the Permanent Registration Certificate Building or content certificate) allows online and updated access to all electronic records and documents associated with the electronic folder of a registered entity in the register of companies (societies , cooperatives , public companies and other entities subject to commercial registration ), or the latest social pact / updated statutes, depending on the type of certificate signed (with the exception of the accountability documents).

There are three types of permanent commercial registration certificates:

  • Online Commercial Registry (can be requested in Portuguese and English) - provides access to the commercial entity's computerized records and all registration requests pending execution;
  • Online Commercial Registry and the Documents that served as a basis - this certificate allows you to view, in addition to the information mentioned in the previous point, all the documents related to the entity's electronic portfolio (with the exception of the accountability documents);
  • Permanent Certificate of the last updated Pact / Statutes - allows viewing the latest social pact and updated statutes associated with the commercial entity or association.

What do you need a Permanent Certificate for?

In real estate, this document is indispensable when the owner (s) who wants to sell a property, or the customer who wants to buy it, is a commercial company.Without this document, it is not possible to carry out the records and acts of purchase and sale of the property: Promissory Purchase and Sale Agreement and the Deed of Purchase and Sale .

It is necessary to keep in mind that this document has an expiration date and that if it is not valid it cannot be used for legal purposes.

Who can consult the Permanent Certificate?

Access to the Citizen's Portal where you can consult the Online Commercial Registry is freely accessible to anyone, as long as you have the respective access code. The code is made available to anyone who submits the certificate request to an entity and can be shared whenever it is necessary to present this document. The delivery of the access code replaces the presentation of the paper certificate and no entity, public or private, can refuse to accept the online version.

How to consult the Permanent Certificate?

To consult this document, simply access the Justice Portal and enter the access code on this page to access the permanent certificate . With the numeric code (type: 9999-9999-9999) you can access the updated information at any time of the day and print the respective document. Pending registration requests also receive an access code.

How much does it cost to consult the Permanent Certificate?

The consultation service is free , when you already have an access code. If you do not have the access code, you will have to place an order.

Who can, how and how much does it cost to apply for a Permanent Certificate?

Any individual or company can apply for a Permanent Commercial Certificate, as long as a previous commercial registration already exists. To order this document you can do it over the Internet without the need for special authentication, through the Online Company page, or at the counter of any commercial registry office. When ordering, you must indicate:

  • the name of the person asking for the certificate;
  • the tax identification number (TIN or NIPC);
  • the email where you want to receive the certificate access code;
  • your mobile number if you want to receive an SMS when the certificate becomes available.

There is a cost associated with the order, which depends on the type and validity of the certificate andpayment can be made via Visa / MasterCard, ATM or e-Banking :

Shelf life
1 year 2 years 3 years Four years
Online Commercial Registry € 25 € 40 € 60 € 70
Online Commercial Registry and documents € 55 € 88 € 132 € 154
Online Commercial Registry of articles of association / statutes € 20 € 35 € 45 € 50

The order is only completed after making the payment. After payment confirmation the certificate is available. It can be ordered in Portuguese or English, in which case the certificate is only available up to 3 working days after confirmation of payment of the order.

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10. October 2019
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