Portugal Sweet Home

Portugal Sweet Home is a team of consultants and partners within the Keller Williams Portuguese network (KW) with proven track records.

In real estate, trust is one of the most important pillars, especially when we are experiencing a moment of strong influx of professionals in the real estate industry. In this line of business, choosing the right people to promote and sell real estate is a task that seems easy, but proves to be increasingly difficult.

There are approximately 50,000 real estate consultants operating in Portugal, but there are only a few top consultants!

Keller Williams

Firstly, working at Keller Williams (KW) is in itself a business card for all foreigners looking for a home in Portugal.

KW is the No. 1 real estate franchising company in the world , with more than 184,000 consultants spread over about 50 countries / regions. In the USA and Canada, this is the real estate franchise brand that received the most awards: the best company in the business to work, the best training company, etc. etc. A case study worldwide! It is not surprising that in just 4 years of activity in Portugal, KW has earned a reputation for respectability and success in the national real estate industry. 4 years were enough to catapult her to 3rd place in the national market, quickly approaching 2nd place.

Never before has the phrase "time is money" been more appropriate. When you decide to choose a consultant to promote the sale of your property, you run the risk that it may turn out to be not the most appropriate. But you can only make an assessment if you give it time, which for you is fundamental. But while waiting for the result you lose money!

Of course, in this sector as in others everything is sold, it is a matter of time / value of the property, but it is up to you to make the right choice if you want to get the best results.

This is where a top real estate consultant can make a difference . The greater the professional's visibility and the better the job of promoting your properties, the greater the likelihood that it will be successful.

What does the Portugal Sweet Home team do differently?

From the first moment, it became clear to us that the way to leverage the sale of the properties we promote, passed through the bet on the international market. Today, more than 50% of our customers come from China, Angola, Brazil, England, France, Brazil, etc. etc. And how to reach these types of customers? Marketing, accumulated success, as well as the creation of international partnerships based on relationships of trust facilitate this approach.

From the first moment, Marketing was a bet that proved to be a winner and crucial to increase the visibility of our work and the properties we promote:

  • Digital Marketing is one of the main tools, being this work done by us and counting on the long experience of our professionals in this area. Experts in the field of SEO engineering, proven designers, professional translators, photography and video production are our own skills that we put at the service of promoting the properties that form part of our portfolio.
  • The bet on specialized national and international sites goes beyond simple publication - as is usually done by other real estate agencies - and which quickly loses visibility, in a boiling market. We regularly invest heavily in highlights, advertisements and establish contracts with partners ( Idealista, Imovirtual and others) that improve the visibility of our property portfolio.
  • Digital Marketing applied to social networks has gained increasing visibility which translates into the success of our Lead Generation strategy, bringing customers, buyers and sellers, attracted by the work of digital promotion, dispensing with the traditional means of fundraising. More than 100,000 followers on social media are a reflection of this success. Here are some examples:
  • In addition, investing in own websites is part of a path that we have followed and in which the know-how of our team, using advanced SEO techniques, translates into more than 32.000 monthly visits, including sponsored ad traffic and organic traffic from search engines. This is one of those websites.
  • Mass Mails, Newsletters, etc. etc. fill the panoply of used digital tools.
  • But we did not stop at Digital, we still bet on Outdoors and Mupis in places of great visibility in Lisbon and surroundings.

In short, the success of our work is a combination of the powerful Marketing work of top professionals, with high academic training, strong command of foreign languages, professional experience and proven skills in the various areas that make up the real estate activity.

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Sunday, 14 March, 2021
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