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If you want to know what are the desirable requirements to build a successful real estate consultant career, I have prepared some advice and tips that I believe are important for a good performance in this professional activity.

Communication skills

Successful real estate consultants (Top Producers) have mastered the art of communicating well like no one else, as the success of their work with clients and buyers depends on it.

These are some of the most important characteristics to be successful in this career:

  • Non-verbal communication - Someone with good communication skills can read the body language of others and still convey his message through this medium.

  • Active listening - This is one of the most important communication skills and usually the least mastered. It is so important to know how to speak, how to know how to listen! For there to be active listening, there must be pre-disposition for the dialogue to involve both parties and never let the pressure of time influence the direction of the conversation. It is necessary to pay full attention to the other party and use its affirmations to guide the dialogue in the intended direction. Active listening promotes and transmits an attitude of respect for others and helps to unlock possible entropies. But for this it is important to allow yourself to be guided by objectivity and conciseness. Having time to listen to the other and to use their arguments also implies an active filter to not let the dialogue fall into the "coffee conversation". Communicating with few words, but using the right and relevant words is a skill that characterizes good communicators.

  • Friendliness - This is a mandatory requirement!Whatever the moment or phase of the negotiation process, your verbal and non-verbal communication must always be guided by courtesy, smiling expression and friendly words. This is half way to create a good impression, positively influence the decision of your interlocutor and mark a strong and positive presence that in the future may bring more business and customers, in a growing circle of good references.

  • Empathy - One can be sympathetic but not empathetic. Empathy can create a strong bond between two people. An attitude of sympathy is essential to foster empathy between you and your customers and colleagues, but it is not enough. Empathy results from being careful with the chosen words, from the way you organize your ideas when communicating, from the bridges you can establish in relation to topics that are of mutual interest, from the way you are able to unblock the resistances and objections of the other party, etc. It is essential to choose the right way to convey an idea, and to ensure that it is well understood by the listener .


Respect is appreciated everywhere. If you respect the people you deal with, customers or colleagues, knowing their names, listening carefully and understanding their ideas and positions, you will get them to take you more seriously.


The confident person, who believes what he says, is more persuasive in conveying a message. People who listen to you will also more easily believe what you say. We must treat our buyers and owners customers with elevation and know how to clearly and effectively convey the interests of each one, which are not always coincident.

Good communication skills help a consultant to discuss all matters before a contract is signed. Once all the details are discussed, a consultant must be able to negotiate all aspects of an agreement for both parties to benefit. A good consultant knows how to convince both parties to successfully close a deal.


One of the most important characteristics of a good real estate consultant is honesty. This means that if you want to become a consultant recognized for being the best in your field, then you must use your character and integrity as one of your assets.

Being dishonest, unethical and immoral can stain a career quickly and permanently.

No one likes to work with a consultant who has a dubious reputation. Both sellers and buyers are looking for the best return on their business and are likely to ask for referrals before deciding to hire you. Reputation is important, so you must have a "trail" of satisfied customers who can convey uplifting testimonials about recent and successful businesses.

Integrity and Ethics

An attitude of work, commitment and demand makes a consultant stand out from other colleagues and competitors. Selling and buying houses is not a one-day job! It takes a lot of time, dedication and effort for both parties to agree to the terms before signing a contract.

That is why a good real estate consultant never gives up and strives to buy or sell real estate in the name of his clients in an arduous and committed way. Since buying or selling a home or other property is a very important decision, no one will want to hire a sloppy consultant, or anyone who doesn't take their job seriously.

Familiarity with the Rules, Regulations and Legislation

A real estate consultant should know the rules and regulations that apply to your country's real estate sector.The consultant must be familiar with all the laws related to the transaction of a property, so that he does not communicate inaccurate information to his clients or mislead them in any other way.

The consultant will have to guide his clients, ensuring that he has all the necessary documentation and that he respects the legal technical aspects related to the sale. Since most homeowners are unaware of real estate laws when buying or selling a home, they rely on a real estate consultant to guide them through this complicated process.


Many consultants who intend to succeed in the real estate sector fail in one important aspect: monitoring . When you stop tracking all leads, you’re less likely to perform well Tracking each lead is crucial to achieving success.

Tracking each lead requires the use of CRM software in order to seamlessly control registered leads . Leave your notebooks and notes and use the new technologies! Nowadays, you can follow all the relevant details even with the help of programs installed on a simple smartphone.

Successful real estate consultants do not wait for clients to call them, they keep a record of all appointments, meetings and visits made and do not forget any client.


Popular and successful real estate consultants are those who like what they do. You must have a passion for being useful to your customers in showing the best properties within their budget. The real estate company you represent must also demand respect for diversity, so that people from all cultures and neighborhoods are accommodated, satisfied and happy.

You will never see a successful real estate consultant downcast, frustrated or bored with his job. Good consultants are always enthusiastic about what they do, present themselves well and take care of their appearance. They are in this real estate business to help their clients make investments in the right properties, as well as build their own successful career in this sector.

Final considerations

These are just some of the qualities and skills that a successful real estate consultant should have if he wants to be successful in this industry.

A good consultant keeps up to date with the changes that are always occurring, in the rules and regulations related to the real estate sector. Anyone who is persistent, passionate and aware of the dynamics of the real estate market in their local community can aspire to be a good real estate consultant.

A successful real estate consultant keeps abreast of relevant technological developments, such as online resources, websites, forums and software, which can help them to improve their customer service. Mental agility, good communication and a willingness to adopt new technologies combine to create a successful real estate consultant.

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