What does Portugal have?

Invoking the Portuguese Carmen Miranda: " What is the bahiana has? ... It's funny how nobody! ". A true luxury team, made up of Hollywood celebrities and notables of various nationalities, use the media, social networks and the word-of-mouth to praise Portugal, generating a wave of curiosity that brings more and more people to visit and choose Lisbon , Porto and other cities as the first or second address to live.

It seems like little, but Portugal could hardly aspire to a better marketing strategy for its promotion. As Santa Casa says: it's easy, cheap, and gives millions!


  • Scarlett Johansson , the 33-year-old American singer and actress, bought an apartment at Príncipe Real. Lisbon thus becomes the most recent city in the choices of the famous actress ( Lost in Translation and Vicky Cristina Barcelona ) to add to the cities of Los Angeles and New York. The Royal Prince is a neighborhood famous for the charm of its buildings and its garden. It is one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Lisbon and has grown in points of interest in recent years. Populated by bars, restaurants and shops, it attracts more and more young and trendy clientele. Its proximity to Bairro Alto is also one of its main attractions.
  • Actor John Malkovich was one of the first celebrities to choose Portugal to live and invest for more than 15 years. He bought a property in Lisbon, opened the restaurant Bica do Sapato, bought the Lux, thus arousing the attention of the world to our country.
  • The German actor Michael Fassbender chose Lisbon to acquire a T5 apartment in Alfama, with luxury finishes, a garden and a privileged view of the Tagus River. This is an integral part of the Palace of St. Helena, dating from the late sixteenth century and estimated to have cost about 2 million euros.
  • Monica Bellucci , the beautiful Italian actress, fell in love with the Alfama neighborhood in Lisbon and bought an apartment to recover, with a view to the Tagus, also for 2 million euros and also in the Palace of St. Helena.
  • Madonna is one of the most famous singers rendered to Portuguese culture, having moved her family more to our capital, where she rented an apartment. Attempts are made to obtain a residence visa and formalize the acquisition of a house, with emphasis on several palatial properties.
  • Alicia Vikander , the Swedish actress famous for playing the role of Lara Croft in the movie Tomb Raider, bought a sunny apartment in Alfama.
  • Christian Louboutin , the well-known French designer of the famous "red sole shoes," also chose Alfama to buy an apartment and Comporta beach to buy a small farm.
  • Philippe Starck, the most famous designer in the world, moved to Portugal four years ago, where he rented a house in Cascais belonging to the Countess of Monte Real and does not refrain from adjectivizing the Portuguese as "the kindest people in the world."
  • Eric Cantona , the former footballer and now actor, fell in love with the Portuguese capital, which he calls "Rio de Janeiro de Europa", currently living with his family in an apartment in Príncipe Real.
  • Wayne Rooney , the British footballer, bought a luxury villa in the Algarve for more than 5 million euros and offered it to his wife.
  • Garrett McNamara , the famous champion and one of the greatest surf ambassadors, has a home in the Sintra region, and his time is shared between Hawaii and Portugal. It was known worldwide for the double record it obtained when surfing the largest wave ever (30m) at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré. His passion for Portugal grew and it was here that he got married in 2012 and recently chose the name of Nazaré for his newborn daughter.
  • In this list could not miss our Brazilian brothers and the list is very big.Among the best known names that have invested in buying a second home in Portugal (with preference for the Lisbon region) are Luana Piovani, Aguinaldo Silva , Paolla Oliveira , Giovanna Antonelli, Glória Perez , Joana Balaguer, Márcia Goldschmidt, Zezé Motta, Mallu Magalhães and Marcelo Camelo , Flávia Freire, Cláudia Abreu and Fernanda Torres . They are actors and actresses, musicians, recognized figures of TV and Cinema and Journalists who seek a second chance of life in Portugal, escaping the climate of instability and insecurity that is currently living in Brazil.

But the list of "luxury immigrants" does not stop growing and new promises are announced:

  • Harrison Ford , the famous Indiana Jones, wants to acquire an estate in Castelo Branco.
  • Phil Collins will be interested in buying a property in Chiado.

Confirmed or not, the effect of these alleged "news" that invades the world press has the same impact of intentions already confirmed, generating "buzz marketing" and keeping Portugal in the top of the best places to live. Lisbon has even been dubbed "the new house of the celebrities."


If Turismo de Portugal wanted to admit to its cadres, professionals to work in the promotion of the country, it would be difficult to recruit people so selfless and committed to such purpose. They give interviews in their countries of origin, write articles, film and disseminate through their own marketing channels, participate in social events, etc., etc. and always praising Portugal and the Portuguese.

Social networks are your favorite work space and your target audience are your fans and followers, spread all over the world. They promote Lisbon, Porto, Nazaré, Comporta, Algarve, etc. showing images that love the world, as Madona did recently, when filmed while riding on the deserted beaches of Comporta. Audience of the Madonna? More than 30 million followers, just between Facebook and Instagram.


Lisbon - Parque das Nações

The list of reasons that attract visitors to Portugal is shared with the many millions of tourists who do not stop coming to our country, especially Lisbon, Porto and Algarve:

Security, privacy, sun and mild climate, Portuguese hospitality, good international schools, people who speak several languages, a good health system, architecture with history, good gastronomy, beaches, golf, etc. etc.

This wave is not expected to lose momentum, as the word-of-mouth and the friendships that characterize these social media reinforce it and contribute to the news that is happening, day after day.

Still this weekend a renowned American actor and producer, on a 48-hour lightning visit to our country, fell in love with a property promoted by me in the famous neighborhood of Campolide and had not already been reserved and he had it -It was bought on time. Reasons for this passion? Once again the fame of Lisbon, the charm of our historic quarters and the "tips" that the friends had given.

But there are other reasons that also constitute a strong appeal: Portugal has, despite recent confusions and less auspicious news, Visa Gold and Residence Permit for Investment (ARI) programs with several tax advantages, which offer an additional reason to attract famous more "moneyed".

On the other hand, real estate prices in Portugal are lower than those practiced in other European countries and constitute a decisive advantage when deciding. However, this asset has already been higher, as we have recently witnessed significant inflation rates in real estate prices, especially in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve.

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