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Keller Williams, commonly known as KW, is the largest international real estate franchising company based in the USA (Austin, Texas).

In addition to the USA and Canada, KW provides real estate consulting and mediation services for the residential and commercial market, in 45 countries or regions, among which KW Portugal stands out.

KW provides real estate consulting and real estate services in more than 45 countries / regions, including Portugal.

Keller Williams, who are we?

KW was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams and is now active on all continents (except Oceania), with more than 185.000 associates in 1.060 Market Centers. It is the brand with the highest number of real estate consultants in North America and in Portugal it was ranked 3rd in the national ranking in just 4 years (more than 1.700 associates).

The existence of a business culture of its own, actively promoted at local and national retreats (eg the Family Reunion ), where the Keller Williams vision is discussed and where experiences from consultants from around the world are shared, has a strong impact in brand activity.

A Keller Williams in numbers

KW is not just about gains, systems or strategies, but the numbers associated with its growth are impressive:

The worldwide deployment of KW-Keller Williams on Q3 2018

The KW numbers are a good example of its spectacular growth:

  • The number of Keller Williams members totaled 185,000 at the end of the fourth quarter of 2019;
  • Keller Williams reached € €336,9 billion in sales volume in 2018 (up 6% on 2017);
  • 99% of the franchisees (designated by Market Centers ) showed profits;
  • In 2019 KW continued to grow outside the North American continent ( 226 Market Centers ) and already operates in 43 regions of 5 continents, totaling 9.945 consultants. In addition to Portugal, KW is active in Argentina; Belgium; Belize; Bermuda; Cambodia; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Czech Republic; Dubai, UAE; France; Shanghai, China; Greece; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; ItalyJamaica; Japan; Luxembourg; MalaysiaMexico; Monaco; MozambiqueNicaragua; Northern Cyprus; Panama; Philippines; Poland; Puerto Rico; Romania; South Africa; South Cyprus; Spain; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; Turks and CaicosUK and Vietnam.

Values and Mission

For Keller Williams the business has to be subordinated to a scale of values. That is, working at KW has an impact on our lives that justifies a different organizational culture. To help cement this vision KW summarizes through the W14C2TS system the main lines of action:

The growth of KW-Keller Williams in 2015

  • Win-Win : or no deal. Keller Williams aims to become involved in real estate industry, not limiting the benefit to only one party, but to all involved in the transaction. As we say in good Portuguese: "a business is only good if both parties wins".
  • Integrity : do the right thing. As a real estate consultant, I am in this activity to help those who ask for my services, the only way to do it without compromising my career is to act in an integrated and honest manner in all transactions where I am involved.
  • Commitment : always come first. When I propose to sell a property, my client knows that my commitment is to the end, I do not look to the means to achieve this end. And that's the reason business in Keller Williams build relationships that last.
  • Communication : seek first to understand. The world is greater than the sight of one person. Communicating and understanding the goals and desires of my clients contributes to the desired success.
  • Creativity : ideas before results. Why follow old and outdated business models when there are new, innovative and proven ones that work? In my activity I bet on new or original ideas that help me achieve success.
  • Customers : always come first. This is not a business "of accumulation of property or capital." The real estate industry is definitely a business that moves people and lives on people.
  • Trust : start with honesty. There is not enough room in the world for lies. Honesty will stand up to any storm. This is a fundamental philosophy that accompanies me in each and every part of my life.
  • Teamwork : together everyone achieves more. When we join Keller Williams, you do not have to walk alone. There are many people who can help us along the journey, "brokers", "team leaders", "colleagues" ... together we form a great team!
  • Success : results through people. They are the people who in our lives and in the companies contribute to our success. To achieve excellence, we have to surround ourselves with the best, and that is exactly what awaits us at Keller Williams.

The services

Keller Williams activity focuses on real estate services, counting on the high professionalism of its consultants, who are aggregated in large Market Centers in order to optimize and maximize the support and training that is dedicated to them. Although the residential market is the main focus of its consultants, the commercial and industrial area are also part of the mediation activity that KW Portugal develops throughout the country.

But today, KW has made the leap to become a technological company that invests like no other in technology, aiming to contribute to make a difference of its consultants and to provide a better service to its customers by improving its productivity.

Keller Williams works on an exclusivity basis and, contrary to what is often believed, this is one of the reasons for its success. Only through a strong and personalized investment in each property by our members, it can make the difference. If you doubt it, read my article about exclusivity and its advantages.

Working at KW

Being one of the fastest growing real estate brands in the world, it is not hard to see why, when we look at the compensation policy and the support that the Market Centers devote to their associates. At KW, the consultant benefits from the highest paid commissions in real estate, a Growth Shared Initiative program, support for training, legal support, one of the most awarded technological development programs in order to facilitate their work and improve their productivity, but above all: a professional environment that stimulates the relationship between consultants, the society in which it operates and respect for each other's family life.

Keller Williams was one of the first companies to change the paradigm of the real estate mediation industry, focusing its activity on the consultant rather than the business network that supports it, as was traditional until the emergence of KW. This was a decisive change to attract the best professionals in the industry and those with the best skills to carry out this activity.

For KW, each consultant is an entrepreneur who manages his real estate portfolio and his professional activity as if it were a company, but where the brand's support is felt at every moment of his career. KW's models and systems are designed to enable the sustained growth of your career from the first stage as a consultant, until the moment when its growth may require the evolution to the team model.

If you fit into this spirit and are not afraid to face a challenge that can change your life, learn more about the career change that has changed my life and that of more than 185.000 colleagues around the world and contact the nearest KW Market Center!

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