Apartment is the designation for an independent fraction of a building, intended for private housing, thus residing several families in the same building.

An apartment is distinguished by its area and the number of rooms that make it up: T1 means 1 bedroom, T2 means 2 bedrooms, T3 means 3 bedrooms, T4 means 4 bedrooms, etc. For this type, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or storage rooms do not count.

The set of apartments belonging to the same building (or to several buildings, when inserted in a shared outdoor area) is governed by a condominium, to which each owner of the apartment, pays a fee to settle common expenses, such as: painting the walls building exteriors, maintenance and repair of elevators, security services, maintenance of garden areas, electricity consumption in common areas, cleaning of the same, etc.

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This is a common designation for an independent house, with or without a garden, and it is also common to use the word housing instead of housing.
Tipologias de Habitação
The Typology of a House serves to designate the number of rooms in a house, as well as the structure and division of areas.
This designation is usually used to classify a house that is spread over two floors , with an interior staircase that connects them.

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