Ana Mação

Ana Mação

Real Estate Consultant

My name is Ana Mação, and I consider real estate consulting not only a challenge but also a vocation. This is not a business centered on houses, but rather a business of people for people.

I reside in Oeiras and have the privilege of working from Lisbon to Cascais, also covering Sintra. My background in Marketing and Public Relations, along with extensive experience in the mid-high and luxury segment, was the catalyst for the beginning of my journey in real estate consulting about 8 years ago.

A successful path at KW...

Without any prior experience in the real estate field, I started my career humbly, having sold only one house in the first year ;). However, over the next seven years, I was distinguished by KW Portugal with the award of No. 1 individual consultant.

We live in an era where awards in the real estate sector are frequently given, creating the illusion that it's easy to become No. 1. However, the reality is quite different. It took eight years of hard work, dedication, investment, and the trust of hundreds of clients to keep me standing out among 3,000 colleagues. In our profession, consistency is not just fundamental, it is the factor that truly distinguishes a Top Consultant.

And what is my secret? More than representing a renowned agency or displaying stars in the logo, my success stems from the commitment I dedicate to each property and each client. A lot of hard work, exceptional investment in Digital Marketing, meticulous attention to detail, and some merit are the formula that has guided me. 'Doing things differently to achieve different results' is my motto.

A passion for challenge, knowledge, and continuous improvement. A perpetual dissatisfaction with achieved goals and the desire to know more and do better each time.

If you wish to follow my career at KW, you can check out my awards and distinctions, my blog, or my portfolio of properties.

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