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It was in September 2014 that KW Portugal started an adventure that today involves more than 2,700 associates spread across 32 Market Centers from north to south of the country! Portugal is now Keller Williams' biggest market outside the US and Canada.

But if the numbers in Portugal are impressive, when we count the... Ler Mais

However, there is still a restriction that makes it difficult to monetize the panels, without the sun there is no energy conversion, and consumption is higher during the night. Although there are already panels that can convert night heat into electricity, their efficiency is still low.

Storing unused... Ler Mais

As with other real estate questions, there is no "turnkey" answer that fits all doors. Each case is different. Therefore, I will approach this topic by talking about several perspectives that can help you formulate the most appropriate choice.

Time and place are crucial

What seems appropriate at one time... Ler Mais

If you own a house and want to sell it, your first and natural concern is to know the best way to sell it, at the best price and as quickly as possible.

There are those who decide to sell their house by their own means, it is legitimate. And there are those who ponder and end up choosing to ask a professional for help... Ler Mais

Keller Williams-KW, despite its success story since 1983 in the US and Canada, has only recently begun its worldwide expansion. Portugal was one of the first countries and the one where the results have been more expressive, as a result of the strategy of implantation in the coast of the... Ler Mais

Nowadays, we all have appliances at home that make our lives easier. However, the price of water and energy also increases with its use, so we must do everything possible to use them efficiently, not to mention the preservation of the environment.

the price of water

Water is a scarce commodity and its price... Ler Mais

In the same alignment, KW Internacional, in the first quarter of 2022, grew 10.5% in turnover in the USA and Canada and 25.9% in the rest of the world, now counting on 2 more regions, Brazil - (São Paulo) and Saudi Arabia, in a global total of 190,000 members!

Ana Mação, in line with the... Ler Mais

Since the beginning of 2022, I have held the 1st place in the Top National Individual of Keller Williams Portugal , in terms of accumulated turnover, among more than 2,600 KW Portugal consultants.

There is no better way to start the year and 2022 is being a good year for real estate , despite... Ler Mais

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