On this page I will present articles and news related to the international activity of Keller Williams as well as the international real estate market.

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2. May 2018

In the same alignment, KW Internacional, in the first quarter of 2022, grew 10.5% in turnover in the USA and Canada and 25.9% in the rest of the world, now counting on 2 more regions, Brazil - (São Paulo) and Saudi Arabia, in a global total of 190,000 members!

Ana Mação, in line with the growth of KW

Despite the recognized setbacks: war,...

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"I accepted a new challenge..." It is almost always with this phrase that those who decide to change jobs or simply embrace a new project, communicate their decision to change. Because? Because the word challenge encompasses everything that an unknown scenario represents. We can be successful or not because nothing is guaranteed. Above all, the predisposition to take...

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As in Portugal we do not have the caste tradition we use a substitute that gives the name of "luxury" to segment people and tastes. The difficulty lies in measuring the limits of its application. What to some is luxurious, to others is banal. What for some is reproachable for others is cause for admiration and envy. This is a territory where consensus and common sense do not...

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In all, in October, 125 'golden' visas were awarded, 118 through the property purchase criterion (66.8 M €) - 19 of them were allocated to urban rehabilitation projects - and 7 through the transfer of capital for investment ( 7.4 M €).

Balance of the Gold Visa Program

The Visa Gold Program facilitates the obtaining of a Residence Permit for foreigners from outside the Schengen Area, in...

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According to a statement from the Web Submmit organization:

Part of the deal is to double the size of Altice Arena and FIL over the next three years to respond to Web Summit's growth plans. The start of the first expansion phase of the project will begin in the coming months and will be completed for the 2019 Web Summit.

The first phase of the work will start in the coming...

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Keller Williams Portugal is once again present, with the contribution of the largest team of real estate consultants ever, from different areas of Portugal: KW Pr1me, KW Flash, KW Area, KW Select, KW Somos, etc. and I'm here too!

This year SITPP has a record number of more than 200 exhibitors, occupying an exhibition area of 6,000 m². The organization hopes to "exceed 20 thousand...

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KW Portugal was recognized at the 2017 Family Reunion in Las Vegas with 4 international awards.

# 1 growing number of agents # 1 in GCI (Gross Commissioning Income) # 1 in traded units # 1 Growth Share

In addition, KW Ábaco Campo Pequeno received the Growth Share award, the first Market Center in the history of Keller Williams , to receive this award outside the USA and Canada.


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4th Quarter and Year 2016 Results

John Davis, President of Keller Williams, during the presentation of the results stated that:

"Our consultants and local management teams demonstrated performance at the level of the great champions. By leveraging technology, training and our tools to achieve their goals and by focusing on the most impactful activities, they boosted their results, which...

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