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Having been approved on January 8, 2024, the "Licensing Simplex" within the More Housing Package, no longer requires the presentation of the Habitation License and Technical Dossier of the property, or proof of their existence, at the time of the deed of sale and purchase of a house, with retroactive effects from January 1, 2024.

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These are the main measures, briefly described here:

Summary of Decree-Law No. 10/2024 , of January 8, which aims to Simplify Licensing.

Urbanism: License deletion: Creation of new cases of prior communication and exemption from prior control. Exemption from licenses for interior works that do not affect the stability structure, which aim to increase the number... View more

In Portugal, doors painted red represent more than a mere aesthetic choice; they symbolize hospitality and good luck. We often find these doors in picturesque villages and historic towns as well as in busy urban neighborhoods. According to popular tradition, in ancient times, disoriented travelers in rural lands sought red doors as a refuge, signaling houses inhabited by welcoming and generous...

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Many factors will drive new trends, including technological advances, sustainability concerns, and changing needs of society itself. In this article, we'll explore the top architectural design trends for 2024. Whether you're an ambitious architect or a design enthusiast, it's worth reading to discover the captivating developments that await us.

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Index What are, nowadays, and very briefly, the main difficulties for those who want to buy or rent a house? What is the root of the problem in Portugal? For a young person who wants to buy their first home, what barriers are there? Are there any incentives missing? Which? And what future challenges does the new generation face?... View more
Types of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can be mainly categorized into two types: electric and hydraulic.

Electric Underfloor Heating:

It uses electrical cables or heating sheets to generate heat.

It is easier and quicker to install and is generally more suitable for renovations or smaller spaces.

It tends to be less energy efficient compared to plumbing, especially...

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In Portugal, there is common confusion between the term "luxury houses" and houses belonging to the high end of the real estate market. An expensive house is not necessarily a luxury house , but a luxury house is inevitably expensive due to the requirements associated with it.

Luxury homes are distinguished by a series of characteristics that give them unique charm,...

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Keeping your home cool during the summer is important, but it's also crucial to reduce your impact on the environment. Check out my tips for reducing heat and keeping your home cooler , in a sustainable way, while saving money and helping to preserve the planet .

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