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10. May 2017

Let's be clear, without housing credit it would not be possible for many Portuguese people to enjoy a basic right: to have a roof and adequate living conditions. The ECB has just announced measures that will increase the cost of this credit. And warned that more increases are coming!

After a 0.5% rise in July, a 0.75% rise in the ECB's key rates follows. The...

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As with other real estate questions, there is no "turnkey" answer that fits all doors. Each case is different. Therefore, I will approach this topic by talking about several perspectives that can help you formulate the most appropriate choice.

Time and place are crucial

What seems appropriate at one time will not be so at another. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of...

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Luís Lima, the president of APEMIP , came to resume agreement with the confinement measures decided by the Government, in the context of the State of Emergency and the current pandemic, with a view to stop the contagion of the virus and protect the health and life of the Portuguese.

However, he recalled that access to housing is an essential right of citizens,...

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The agreement of the Constitutional Court , decided for the unconstitutionality of the rule contained in paragraph 8 of article 1091 of the Civil Code - Right of Preference for Tenants. Among other arguments, the TC concludes that:

This law excessively sacrifices the right to free transferability of the building, without fulfilling the objective of housing stability...

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It is recalled that the neighborhoods of Graça, Santana Hill, Alfama, Bairro Alto, Castelo, Madragoa and Mouraria have been prevented from accepting new Local Lease registrations pending the definition of a new regulation, which has now been published.

This new regulation aims to respond to the growing housing allocation in Lisbon for the Local Leasing activity, creating ...

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Some owners before such a credible testimony, first doubt, then hesitate and finally allow themselves to be hypnotized before the idyllic scenario that is painted to them:

"Not only do I have interested customers, but the values of the proposals exceed what you are asking for in your home!" "I've already sold a lot of houses in your area and right now I have more interested customers than... View more

Eduardo Jesus, the secretary of state, justified this diploma with the need to “ adjust the accommodation offer, with regard to typologies, reality and market trends ”, as well as simplifying procedures.

The simplification of licensing will be done by reducing deadlines and including new accommodation models such as glamping (luxury...

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This type of debt has been increasing in recent years according to Deco, to which more and more complaints have come:

One of the main reasons for this situation is the fact that the owners / joint-owners sell their fractions without paying dues in arrears and, in most cases, without informing the new owner of the existence and amount of these debts. As the courts have understood that...

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