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In my work as a real estate consultant I bet on the disclosure of the properties that I promote and my career path through various accounts on social networks, websites and blogs.

Nowadays communication and digital promotion are an essential condition to guarantee success in most commercial professions and that of real estate consultant is no exception! If you want to follow the articles, news and dissemination of my properties, you can do it through my various Digital Marketing channels and now enter them and do a Like or follow me. Thanks!

Facebook - Ana Mação KW

Professional page KW

On this page I have more than 15.000 followers and this is where I spread the news about my professional career, news about the real estate industry, national and international, architecture, home decoration, and where I promote the sale of the houses, apartments, farms, land, offices and stores that I angario in scope of my activity at KW Portugal

Lisbon Facebook Page - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Lisbon Page

On this page I count more than 10.000 followers and this is where I disseminate news, events, leisure guides, opinion articles, etc., etc. about " Lisbon the best city in the world" , modesty aside :)

Facebook Page - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Cascais Page

On this page I have more than 10,000 followers and the village of Cascais deserves my passion because I have lived there and because I also work there.Cascais is one of the locations where K W Portugal has two Market Centers: Carcavelos and Cascais .

Cascais Facebook Page - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Oeiras's Page

On this page with more than 24,000 followers, I share my empathy with Oeiras, spreading news and events about it.This municipality is not only one of the best places to work, it is also one to live in, and that's where I live and where my Market Center is located: KW Sol! Oeiras is one of the places in Portugal where there are more business parks, especially Tagus ParkTaguspark, Lagoas Park, Quinta da Fonte Business Park, etc. But it is also a place where proximity to the sea, multiple leisure and sport facilities (stadiums, swimming pools, golf, etc.), green areas, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and shopping areas, place it at the top of preferences to work and to live.

Oeiras Facebook Page - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Sintra's Page

On this page with more than 27,000 followers, I share the passion for a unique place. Sintra is the place where I have lived and where I also work as a real estate consultant.But Sintra is above all the most romantic village in Portugal, from architecture to its green spaces, from monuments to its palatial houses, from the mountains to the beaches and the sea next door, everything comes together to make anyone who passes by or decides to fall in love there. to live!

Sintra Facebook Page Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Personal page

In my personal account ( ) I have more than 4,850 friends. This account reflects the circle of friends and people from my personal and professional relationship and where I also take the opportunity to publish excerpts from my activity at KW, among other topics.

Linkedin - Ana Mação

This is my page on Linkedin and where you can follow my professional career and where I divulge to the approximately 10,600 followers: opinion articles, some properties that I promote and news about the real estate industry.

Facebook Page - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Instagram - Ana Mação

This is my Instagram page and where you canfollow my professional career, as well as moments of my personal life.I have about 2,000 followers.

Instagram page - Ana Mação Ana Mação - KW Portugal

Youtube - Ana Mação - KW

On my Youtube channel you can see videos of the properties I promote and other events associated with my career atKeller Williams.

Youtube - Ana Mação - KW   Ana Mação - KW Portugal 

Twitter - Ana Mação - KW

Acompanhe a minha conta do Twitter onde divulgo artigos de opinião, os imóveis que promovo e notícias sobre a industria imobiliária.

Youtube - Ana Mação - KW Ana Mação - KW Portugal


This is my main site and I have 4 more and 2 more in development. This Marketing channel is one of my big bets. My goal is to reach more than 100,000 monthly visits (organic and paid), from which I hope that this strategy can generate leads in a sustained way.

At present, they already generate an organic traffic of 32,000 monthly visits . This is a job that has lasted for 4 years, with more than 3,000 pages with original content (Portuguese, English and French), and which aim to attract traffic and visitors, thus contributing to better promote my property portfolio.

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