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Ana Mação

My name is Ana Mação, and for me to be a real estate consultant has always been a challenge and a vocation. My clients deserve more than mailing in the mail, a sign on the window or a visit from time to time. They deserve a dedicated consultant, ensuring that their property sells quickly and for the best value.

a success route in KW...

For me, who started activity in the real estate business, 6 years ago, being the first of 2.500 real estate consultants at Keller Williams Portugal is indeed a reason for pride and gratification.
What is the secret? I have a network of national and international partnerships and contacts and I invest a lot in Digital Marketing and Advertising. On top of this, commitment, work, hard work and more work still ...!

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The numbers speak by themselves!

When we work with competence, dedication and honesty, customers reward and repay our work.
These are some indicators referring to my last year of work (2022).
My sincere thanks!

65 Listings
49 Satisfied Customers
102 Nº days until sale
12,421 M€ M€ Real estate sold

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Installed and satisfied

  • Nuno Lourenço

    We thank Ana and her team for their professionalism, availability and dedication. We recommend the services because we understand that Ana is highly competent in listening to our needs and looking for the best solutions. Thank you!

    Nuno Lourenço
    Lisbon, Oeiras
  • Karolina Czajkowska

    Excellent professional! Thank you so much Ana for your work, done with such attention and sympathy!

    Karolina Czajkowska
    Cascais, Parede
  • Maria Lopes

    I leave here my appreciation for the speediness and friendliness! Thank you Ana Mação for the quick sale with which my apartment was sold! One month and already sold! Top!

    Maria Lopes
    Cascais, Parede
  • Nuno Pires

    To open the door to success, we need to find the right key to the lock. Ana Mação and KW are the key to the lock that I was missing. Thank you!

    Nuno Pires
    Lisbon, Oeiras

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