The exclusivity agreement in the sale of your home is not a disadvantage

The exclusivity contract proposed by some real estate companies, including the company where I work; to Keller Williams , is usually one of the requirements that most makes the homeowner sway when deciding which strategy to sell their home. However, what seems to be a disadvantage at first sight is not, and the proof of it comes to the top over time.

Advantages of the Exclusivity Agreement

Here are some reasons to not be afraid to sign an exclusive contract to sell your home:

The Mediator's Commitment to the Sale of Your HomeCommitment - The owner gains a greater dedication from the consultant who works in an exclusive mode, countering the misconception that: if there are "n" concurrent consultants working in parallel on the same property, the work is multiplied by "n" . What the experience ends up proving is that, after an initial peak of activity shortly after the celebration of the "open contract" (real estate for sale by several mediators), this is diminishing and the property tends to lose interest on the part of the consultants , who prefer to focus on the properties they sell exclusively, to the detriment of those that are sold under an "open contract".

Risks in selling your home without exclusivityThe Risks - The sale of a home, contrary to what may seem at first glance, is not a mere transaction identical to that of so many other commercial products. There are too many legal, fiscal, and financial "traps" that can lead the homeowner to very complicated situations. The role of an experienced real estate consultant, who is duly advised by a professional team, is to advise his client at every moment and prevent this from happening.

The time to sell your home without an exclusive contractTime - This is a variable that should contribute to the quality of the sale and not to a sale at any price. Would you trust a brain surgeon just because he promises to perform the operation more quickly? Or an office mechanic? Or a builder of a house? Not? Of course! You're afraid of what might happen in the end, right? Selling a home is no different. Risking your home in an unrestrained competition that can end up devaluing your property and increasing your frustration does not seem like such a good idea, does it? All this to avoid an exclusive contract, whose time period is usually only 6 months!

Focus on selling your homeThe Focus - For the consultant, exclusivity means that the latter has the time to develop a professional job. Your focus is no longer centered on the competition with the remaining salespeople in your home and starts focusing on the search for the best customer. That is; that buyer who is willing to value his property for the highest price and to realize the purchase in the shortest period of time. The consultant, instead of fighting against time, starts to fight for the valuation of his property, because both have to gain more from it.

The Marketing in Selling Your HomeMarketing - When the mediator offers you "non-exclusivity" as an advantage and simultaneously promises you to use powerful marketing to service your property, it is not entirely true. Marketing these days has high costs, whether it is traditional marketing or digital marketing. Invest in social networks, teams of professionals (photographers, audiovisual producers, market makers and designers, translators, etc.), multiple national and international advertising sites, etc. has costs, many costs. Exclusivity is the price to pay for getting first to the end customer and getting the best customer for your home .

Confidentiality in the sale of your homeA Confidentiality - This argument is not always sufficiently considered by owners who wish to preserve their confidentiality during the sale of the house. It is easy to realize that if this is an important factor for you, opting for non-exclusivity is going the opposite way. An experienced consultant who has sufficient time can be able to sell his house, have the time and the extra incentive to explore his network of contacts and get a buyer, even without resorting to the unruly publicity that competition between various mediators would bring him. right.

The sharing of real estate consultants on non-exclusive saleThe Sharing - One of the ways to increase the visibility of a property and to reach qualified clients is through the sharing between the real estate consultant and the other colleagues in your agency, or others. When there is an Exclusivity Contract the consultant is more comfortable to divulge the same, because it has the guarantee that it will not lose the business to the competition during the contractual period. But when the promotion is made under an Open Contract, this does not happen because of the consultant's fear which makes it difficult to promote the property and the subsequent sale.

The devaluation of a home sold without exclusivityDevaluation - A property for sale, still "virgin" in the market, provokes interest and curiosity, this is because few still know it, managing to keep intact its "valorization aura". A property promoted by several mediators, each using descriptive and distinctive photographic reporting, sometimes with the outdated price, quickly competes for an image of property "no one catches on and will likely have a problem."

In short: do not fear an exclusive contract, six months is not an eternity, but an opportunity for a professional with evidence already given, to improve your chances of selling your house well .

These are just a few of the arguments that confirm the old saying: "quickly and well there is no one!" .

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