Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Portugal or Golden Visa is a subject that interests me especially, because it is one of the reasons responsible for attracting citizens, outside the Schengen area, and that through this way they buy houses in Portugal. So, I will write in this section everything that relates to Golden Visa.

Introduction to the Real Estate Market in Portugal

Portugal is a destination appreciated by foreigners, thanks to its mild climate, feeling of security, good schools, quality services and infrastructure, for having receptive and hospitable people, where command of the English language is great, magnificent landscapes and a rich culture . These reasons are amplified by an attractive real...

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In recent years, Portugal has stood out as a destination of choice for many international celebrities. Its mild climate, quality of life, gastronomy and rich and diverse culture have attracted more and more famous foreigners who decide to settle in the country.

It seems like a small thing, but Portugal could hardly aspire to a more effective marketing strategy, in favor...

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The program aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in Portugal, fight real estate speculation and promote foreign investment in the housing sector.

Measures of the "Mais Habitação" Package

The program contains several measures, among which the following can be highlighted:

Creation of support for the promotion of affordable rental housing; Promotion of a new generation... View more
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In the past, it was the Portuguese who emigrated to Brazil, with the migratory wave reaching its peak during the 60s and 70s of the last century. From the second half of the 1980s onwards, the direction was reversed and the first migratory wave of Brazilians to Portugal took place. They were mostly immigrants with high levels of education and who entered the more qualified...

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All pretexts are good for celebrating the fruits of our labor. But this particular week, when KW Portugal celebrates the 7th anniversary , of a short existence but full of successes, I could not fail to mark it with a small balance of my real estate activity. We are to be congratulated!

It was in September 2014 that KW Portugal started an adventure that today...

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Although not a total surprise, as I have accumulated this distinction since 2017 on an ongoing basis, the past year was a test year that allowed me to reinforce the conviction that this surprising journey over the last 5 years was not the result of chance.

As the Portuguese say, the future belongs to God! But, what this year full of difficulties proved to me was that,...

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The last month of 2020, December, helped to attenuate the stabilization of sales prices recorded throughout the year. It is recalled that the successive confinements and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic imposed a brake on the increasing price evolution in the residential market.

This braking was not uniform and varies with the typology of the property or the region...

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Lisbon, has long since failed to satisfy the demand for housing and hence the strong registered growth in the price per square meter in the sale and rental of houses. In 2019, the capital had the highest median price of family housing (3,247 € / m2), among the 7 cities in Portugal with more than 100 thousand inhabitants and recorded a year-on-year growth of + 7.9%...

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