It is one of the topics that I will address periodically, especially when the statistics are related to my professional field, ie real estate consultancy.

The Portuguese real estate market has been a focus of attraction for foreign investors since 2015, with special emphasis on this summer of 2023. Whether in the housing or commercial segments, year after year, the numbers never cease to surprise us. This constant and growing interest is evident both in investments aimed at housing and those destined for the commercial sector, reinforcing the...

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The Portuguese real estate market has faced significant challenges due to variations in interest rates. In June, interest represented more than half of the mortgage loan payment, directly affecting owners and potential buyers.

The Situation in Portugal

In June, the interest rate implicit in home loan contracts reached 3.649%, the highest value since April 2009. This increase resulted in...

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Let's be clear, without housing credit it would not be possible for many Portuguese people to enjoy a basic right: to have a roof and adequate living conditions. The ECB has just announced measures that will increase the cost of this credit. And warned that more increases are coming!

After a 0.5% rise in July, a 0.75% rise in the ECB's key rates follows. The...

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"I accepted a new challenge..." It is almost always with this phrase that those who decide to change jobs or simply embrace a new project, communicate their decision to change. Because? Because the word challenge encompasses everything that an unknown scenario represents. We can be successful or not because nothing is guaranteed. Above all, the predisposition to take...

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The bad part is that you were probably the only one responsible. The good part is that in life all mistakes have an advantage: they serve as a lesson :)

We live in troubled times. The doubt has been present for 2 years:

"Is this the right time to realize that dream I've been chasing for a long time? Buying a house with a garden, leisure areas or even a swimming pool?


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The last month of 2020, December, helped to attenuate the stabilization of sales prices recorded throughout the year. It is recalled that the successive confinements and restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic imposed a brake on the increasing price evolution in the residential market.

This braking was not uniform and varies with the typology of the property or the region...

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In all, in October, 125 'golden' visas were awarded, 118 through the property purchase criterion (66.8 M €) - 19 of them were allocated to urban rehabilitation projects - and 7 through the transfer of capital for investment ( 7.4 M €).

Balance of the Gold Visa Program

The Visa Gold Program facilitates the obtaining of a Residence Permit for foreigners from outside the Schengen Area, in...

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This is the motto of the corporate culture of the brand created by Gary Keller and Joe Williams in Austin, Texas, in 1983 and that still inspires more than 183,000 associates spread across 36 countries on 6 continents of the world.

KW-Keller Williams was the first company to make a difference to the rest of the industry by shifting the focus from the organization to the...

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