Family Reunion - KW Portugal - 2022 - "I accepted a new challenge..."

This is about the Family Reunion by KW - Keller Williams, which every year brings together at events all over the world, part of its more than 200,000 real estate consultants for 3 days. KW is the new challenge that can change your life, that's what I did 6 years ago and the success of my career in this activity speaks for itself.

"I accepted a new challenge..." It is almost always with this phrase that those who decide to change jobs or simply embrace a new project, communicate their decision to change. Because? Because the word challenge encompasses everything that an unknown scenario represents. We can be successful or not because nothing is guaranteed. Above all, the predisposition to take risks and the will to overcome them must be stronger.

This is the primary factor that leads some professionals to change. They are not always dissatisfied. They are not always convinced that the new path will bring them more professional fulfillment. But they are ready to accept new challenges. Because they want to evolve, or rather, they need to overcome themselves!

Family Reunion 2022

This year, the Portuguese FR 2022, which had not taken place in person since 2019, had the largest participation ever, where more than 600 associates and invited professionals filled the Algarve Congress Center , with sessions to share experiences and knowledge.

Family Reunion 2022 - KW Portugal

This year it was 5 days, from March 28th to April 1st, two extra days thanks to the special participation of Hudson Santana, a KW Top Consultant from the Boston area , USA , who since 2009 has specialized in working with sellers. The Santana Properties Team is one of the top teams in New England.

As usual, during these 5 days, several lectures took place, with participants from KW Portugal and several invited professionals who addressed multiple themes, with the aim of training and sharing best practices with the large audience present.

Another year, another award that greatly honors my career at KW

KW Awards - Ana Mação - 2022

2021 was a year of recovery from the crisis caused by the pandemic, and in general the real estate activity in Portugal went well, and with me it was no exception ;) As it could not be otherwise, during the Family Reunion the awards related to the activity were delivered of consultants over the previous year. I received a Triple Platinum (the second in my career at KW), having stood out as the Nº1 consultant in the Top Individual of KW Portugal, among 2600 consultants . This is a recurring feat, over the last 5 years, since 2017!

Meanwhile, KW adds and follows

In Portugal alone, in 31 Market Centers, we are already 2600 consultants and employees, who, day by day, make a difference in the real estate activity, 8 years after the brand's implementation in our country! In 2021, 5 more Market Centers opened, sales grew by 66% and the number of fundraisers grew by 33%.

Outside Portugal, the pace of growth accelerated. Keller Williams is today the real estate franchising company with the most consultants in the world , more than 200,000 associates in 54 countries, which show why more and more professionals decide to accept "a new challenge", joining this huge group!

2022 ranking of the number of consultants, of the main brands of real estate franchising, worldwide

On the other hand KW is No. 1 in volume of sales and units transacted, in the United States of America , with more than 500,000,000,000 in volume of real estate transactions mediated by its consultants. Yes, that's right, you read that right: 500 Billion Dollars, twice the Portuguese GDP!

Ranking in 2021 of the volume of real estate transactions, of the main brands, in the United States of America

We are all to be congratulated! Next year returns to Family Reunion. There we will be!

If you want to take on a new challenge, you can contact me so that I can advise you and direct you to the most suitable Market Center. Fill in this contact form . I will be brief in answer.

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