Here I address all the news and subjects related to the subject of housing lease: legislation, taxes, investment, etc. The rental market is a growing sector in Portugal in recent years, either through the thawing of rents, or through local leasing.

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The agreement of the Constitutional Court , decided for the unconstitutionality of the rule contained in paragraph 8 of article 1091 of the Civil Code - Right of Preference for Tenants. Among other arguments, the TC concludes that:

This law excessively sacrifices the right to free transferability of the building, without fulfilling the objective of housing stability...

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It is recalled that the neighborhoods of Graça, Santana Hill, Alfama, Bairro Alto, Castelo, Madragoa and Mouraria have been prevented from accepting new Local Lease registrations pending the definition of a new regulation, which has now been published.

This new regulation aims to respond to the growing housing allocation in Lisbon for the Local Leasing activity, creating ...

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Eduardo Jesus, the secretary of state, justified this diploma with the need to “ adjust the accommodation offer, with regard to typologies, reality and market trends ”, as well as simplifying procedures.

The simplification of licensing will be done by reducing deadlines and including new accommodation models such as glamping (luxury...

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The economic activity of renting houses, on a short-term basis, has expanded a lot due to tourist demand, leveraged by the international promotion of regions such as Lisbon, Porto and Algarve. There are those looking for short-term accommodation for holidays, business trips, congresses and conferences, weekend getaways, etc. Some of the driving factors of this type of business are:

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The website, was created in 2008 and allows for easy navigation to search for accommodations in over 34,000 cities and 191 countries. Altogether, this service competing with traditional tourist accommodations, has already provided more than 60 million overnight stays.

Lisbon and Porto, as well as other Portuguese cities, have enthusiastically joined this new business...

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