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Working at KW Portugal - Keller Williams Working at KW Portugal - Keller Williams , the largest real estate company in the world (more than 185,000 members) and one of the most awarded, is an opportunity that can change your life. Changed mine!

Although Keller Williams started its expansion in Portugal only 4 years ago, it is now the 3rd real estate franchising company in Portugal and very close to surpassing the second place! This does not happen by chance , the brand assumes the difference compared to the rest of the competition by highlighting the importance of its associates, through a remuneration policy that maximizes the earnings of the real estate consultant. Find out what KW's flagship phrase means:

Careers that are worth having, Businesses that are worth holding and Lives that are worth living!

... and discover the vision behind Keller Williams:

Brief history of Keller Williams

Keller Williams, commonly known as KW, is the largest international real estate franchising company, headquartered in the USA (Austin, Texas) and providing real estate consulting and mediation services for the residential and commercial market, in over 45 countries / regions, including Portugal.

Keller Williams operates worldwide, in more than 44 countries KW was founded in 1983 by Gary Keller and Joe Williams and currently develops its activity on all continents (except Oceania), with more than 185,000 members spread over 1,060 Market Centers (franchisees).

It is the brand with the largest number of real estate consultants in North America and in Portugal it reached the 3rd position of the national ranking, in just 3 years, it had more than 1,700 associates and 26 Market Centers distributed throughout the country.

The existence of a corporate culture of its own, actively promoted in local and national retreats (eg Family Reunion), where the Keller Williams vision is discussed and where the experiences of consultants from around the world are shared, has a strong impact in brand activity.

What are the requirements to be a real estate consultant at KW?

This is one of the few careers where there are no age, nationality, gender, race or education filters. But it is clear that there are skills and characteristics of the personal profile that condition the success of a commercial consultant. Successful real estate consultants (Top Producers) have mastered the art of communicating well like no one else, as the success of their work with clients and buyers depends on it. There are some characteristics that you should have or improve: requirements to be a good real estate consultant

What distinguishes the career of a KW consultant?

The slogan that defines Keller Williams' vision gives you an idea of what awaits you when working at KW: "... lives that are worth living! ". This is the short phrase, but it says much more to those who have already taken this option longer. In fact, the phrase that I like to hear most from colleagues and with which I identify 100%: " why didn't I change my life longer? " Says it all!

Work, support the family, manage personal finances, make your dreams come true, get professional recognition, undertake, socialize with friends, attend that course you always wanted, travel, meet new people, create new friends, change the old car, buy a new home and still being happy is not an easy solution. Not in a country where many choose to abandon it looking for a solution outside Portugal.

For me, working at KW gave me all of that. No, no work! No, effortlessly! No, no disappointments! But with the grateful reward that smiles to those who risk because they know they deserve more !

The remuneration of a real estate consultant at KW

At Keller Williams, compensation does not depend on a base salary , unlike other professions. The remuneration is variable and depends on the commissions received , resulting from real estate transactions carried out and which, with some exceptions, is 5% of the sale price of the property . E.g. if a property is traded for € 100,000 exclusively by a consultant (without shares), Keller Williams will charge a commission of € 5,000 (+ VAT) for the deal (even if the property has a price below € 100,000 this is the minimum value that KW charges). This commission amountreceived, will be divided as follows:

  • The respective KW Market Center (0% to 55% with a maximum annual ceiling of € 25,000, per consultant);
  • The Real Estate Consultant (40%, 50% or 95%, if CAPPER);
  • KW in the USA: (3%);
  • The Growth Share fund (2%).

That's why KW's remuneration policy, which maximizes the real estate consultant's earnings , makes all the difference! If you are looking for a job in real estate, in Portugal, Keller Williams is the company that provides the best paid career !
In summary, this is the remuneration method in force at KW Portugal:

  • 1st Level: This is the entry level. The Consultant receives a gross commission of 40% on invoicing (commissions received from clients) for real estate transactions carried out, until completing € 25,000 in a continuous period of 12 months , counting from the start date of the activity (designated as anniversary date) ).
  • 2nd Level: After reaching the € 25,000 billing provided for in level 1, it automatically moves to the 2nd. Level, the Consultant now receiving a gross commission of 50% on billing. After reaching Level 2, in the next cycle and after its anniversary date, receipts will start to benefit from 50% gross commissions on billing. If you exceed € 50,000 in billing in the first 12 months of your entry into KW , you will receive an additional 10% on the first € 25,000.
  • 3rd Level: Taking into account the birthday of the consultant KW, in the period of 12 months elapsing from that date, if the Consultant exceeds in that fixed period the 50,000 euros of invoicing, he will now receive 95% on the commissions charged to customers in your name until the end of that period. That is, for a consultant that reaches the CAPPER level, during that year the Market Center will charge a maximum amount of € 25,000 (CAP) on the total commission received on behalf of the consultant, receiving this 95% on the remaining billing! No additional fees ! This is a unique feature of KW's remuneration policy vis-à-vis the rest of the real estate industry!
Growht Share is a compensation policy from Keller Williams that rewards those who help grow the KW network
  • Growth Share: One of the advantages of working at KW resides in this type of remuneration. Whenever a consultant plays a decisive role in the recruitment of another KW consultant and the latter appoints him as Sponsor , he starts to receive a part of the remuneration earned by the recruited consultants .

    And if the Sponsor consultant keeps the activity as a KW consultant for a minimum period of 3 years, those gains will become lifelong for you or the beneficiary you designate (in case of death).In other words, even if the sponsoring consultant stops working for KW, he will continue to receive, for life , a part of the commissions earned by the consultants he helped to recruit and from all those they recruited (up to 7th level)!

    On this page you can find a more detailed description of what Growth Share is .

What are the first steps to work at KW?

Keller Williams has in support of those who intend to embark on a career as a real estate consultant, one of its main goals: training. For some reason, Keller Williams continues to grow in number of consultants, year after year. Thus, an interview with the Team Leader of the Market Center closest to the location where you reside is first required. KW Portugal currently has 26 Market Centers distributed throughout the country, in the main urban areas.

If you wish, contact me, so that I can refer and advise you to the most suitable person. You can complete this contact form. I will be brief in response!

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5 Continents, 51 countries, more than 1,060 Market Centers and 182,000 associates . This is the state of play (September 2021) of the growth that Keller Williams initiated in 2012, replicating around the world the successful trajectory started in 1983 by Garry Keller and Joe Williams, in Texas, United States of America.

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Pursuing its expansion plan in Portugal, KW - Keller Williams now counts 27 Market Centers, of which 12 were opened in the last 12 months - almost doubling the number that existed a year ago. The goal set for the end of 2023 is to increase this number to 50 Market Centers and 10,000 real estate consultants and employees.

KW Active is preparing a space located on...

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The inauguration of this new space took place on the 26th of September, in Beloura, more specifically in the Beloura Office Park in Sintra. The event was attended by the Regional Owner of Keller Williams in Portugal: Eduardo Garcia e Costa and Nuno Ascensão, in addition to the many real estate consultants, staff and other guests.

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The event, which took place at the Lispolis Technological Forum, in Lisbon, was once again sold out, as is customary and had the participation and sharing of experiences, among others, of:

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But the growth strategy is also to accelerate the technology train that Keller Williams International started about 3 years ago to respond to the growing threat of "uberization" of real estate.

Thus, in the short term and later this year, KW Portugal will introduce a new technology platform using artificial intelligence. Called Command , it is more...

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