KW Area Madeira - New facilities in Funchal

The President of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque, inaugurated on the 29th of April the new premises of KW - Keller Williams Madeira, at Rua dos Ilhéus, in Funchal.

KW Área Madeira and its team of more than 180 real estate consultants and employees are to be congratulated on the new facilities at Quinta dos Ilhéus!

The new facilities of this KW Market Center in Madeira are located at Rua dos Ilhéus nº 6, Funchal , a farm flanked by leafy gardens, with a total area of 2,730 m2 , parking for customers and around 1,100 m2 of office, meeting and training . An "upgrade" much desired by its members, who contributed to making the old facilities small in just 4 years.

The event was attended by Miguel Albuquerque (President of the Regional Government of Madeira), Rui Barreto (Regional Secretary for the Economy), Rita Andrade (Regional Secretary for Social Inclusion and Citizenship), Nuno Ascensão and Eduardo Garcia e Costa (“Regional Owners ” from KW Portugal), Dionísio Filipe , Lino Silva and José Mendes (partners of KW Área Madeira), as well as several guests and associates of this Market Center.

KW Madeira's Operating Principal, Dionísio Filipe, noted:

The opening of these new facilities demonstrates the growth over the years and the sustainability of the business. This new support structure for consultants, with specialized human resources namely in training, coaching, technology, marketing, credit intermediation and procedural and leadership development areas , constitutes a Real Estate Business Center . We are specialists and leaders in the real estate market in the region , seeking to serve and help our clients to make the best decisions and to maximize their real estate business.

On the occasion, President Miguel Albuquerque took the opportunity to mention that “ merit is something that has to be increasingly recognized in our society ”. Undoubtedly this is the mission and vision that Keller Williams brought to the area of real estate in Portugal in 2015. And since then this brand has become synonymous with professionalism and meritocracy, with my contribution and that of all KW consultants. A special hug and congratulations to my colleagues and friends from Madeira.

Currently, Keller Williams Portugal has a total of 31 Market Centers on the Mainland and Islands, more than 2600 associates and aims to reach 50 Market Centers, in a total of 10,000 consultants.

Working at KW Portugal - Keller Williams, the largest real estate company in the world (more than 200,000 associates) and one of the most awarded, is an opportunity that can change your life. Changed mine!

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