Keller Williams (KW) continues to grow despite all adversity

In the 1st half of 2022, Keller Williams Portugal (KW) recorded a 70% growth in its turnover, totaling more than 1400 million euros in real estate transactions.

Keller Williams-KW, despite its success story since 1983 in the US and Canada, has only recently begun its worldwide expansion. Portugal was one of the first countries and the one where the results have been more expressive, as a result of the strategy of implantation in the coast of the country, where it already has more than 2700 employees spread over 32 Market Centers . I remind you that the goal of KW Portugal is to reach 50 "Market Centers".

Consistency is the key to success

KW's good results are replicated by its employees and I am no exception. Since 2017, when I was awarded the No. 1 Consultant award in the KW Portugal National Ranking, I have maintained this position over the last 5 years. 2022 is no exception and I have been continuously leading the individual national top since January of this year. July was my best month ever and, for the second consecutive month, I stood out as the consultant with the highest monthly volume of real estate transactions.

July was my best month ever and I have been leading the individual national top since January 2022

When the work is carried out consistently, without neglecting any detail, with rigor, commitment, a high degree of demand and a strong sense of responsibility, good results are the natural consequence. The added benefit is that, over time, this effect snowballs in behavior, as a satisfied customer is our best "referrer" .

KW Portugal in the middle of an exceptional year

In line with the planned growth strategy, the brand currently has 32 Market Centers (large agencies) in the main locations on the Portuguese coast.

In the last 12 months, KW Portugal maintained its strong commitment to the growth of its network of Market Centers (I remind you that a Market Center differs from the usual agencies, betting on a higher number of consultants: with a minimum of 100 to 200 consultants).

During this period and despite the effects of the pandemic and inflation, the following Market Centers were opened: KW SOL Sintra ( Massamá ), KW Valley Oeiras ( Miraflores ), KW Family Tejo ( Vila Franca de Xira ), KW City Loures , KW Mar ( Matosinhos ) and KW Pro Mafra.

This growth in its network of market centers was reflected in over 2700 associates who contributed brilliantly to these exceptional results, generating more leads, more visits and a 70% increase in turnover .

In a recent statement, the company welcomes the results for the 1st half of 2022:

This growth, which has taken place at an excellent pace, is complemented by the increase in the presence of Keller Williams Portugal at national level, with the opening of six new "Market Centers", when compared to the same period in 2021.

Eduardo Garcia e Costa - Keller Williams Regional Manager for Portugal

Eduardo Garcia e Costa (Keller Williams regional manager for Portugal) adds:

Keller Williams, in just one semester, distributed half a million euros to all its associates who participate in the Growth Share program.

The value proposition and the follow-up provided to consultants is "one of the key success factors" of the company's model.

Thanks to training, coaching, technology, and the models and systems that are part of our DNA, at Keller Williams Portugal we prepare our consultants to build sustainable and successful businesses. Thanks to that, it was possible to achieve these results that make us not only proud, but with the certainty that we are on the right path to success.

Keller Williams a growing brand worldwide

The balance of Keller Williams international activity, for the second quarter of 2022, has just been released and the results are in line with the current entropies of the real estate market: inflation , the cooling of the economy due to the pandemic and the war and the interest rate growth. However and despite the adversities, KW maintains its upward course thanks to the strong global expansion registered in recent years, despite all the setbacks: 59 countries/regions, 1,100 Market Centers and more than 200,000 associates spread across 7 continents!

Keller Williams (KW) distribution worldwide

In the US, sales volume grew by 1% compared to the same quarter of 2021 (US$146,800 million), largely thanks to the growth in market prices, but there was a 10.7% decrease in the number of transactions and the a 3.9% drop in the number of new additions , reflecting the current shortage of properties in the domestic market. On the other hand, the mark of 176,000 real estate consultants was reached in the US and Canada alone, a historic achievement.

In the remaining 57 countries around the world, the results were much more satisfactory: sales volume grew by 39.3% compared to the same quarter of 2021 (3,900 million dollars), a growth of 31.6% in the number of transactions and a 3.1% growth in the number of acquisitions .These numbers reflect the growth in the number of regions/countries, and in recent months a few more have been added: Brazil (São Paulo), Saudi Arabia , Saint Martin , Guyana , Bolivia and continued expansion through the Caribbean islands . Currently, more than 16,000 real estate consultants operate at KW, outside the USA and Canada, of which 2,700 are Portuguese.

In a statement, KW Chief Operating Officer Sajag Patel considers that:

We are pleased with our performance as we recorded record sales volume in the second quarter of 2022, our consultants are thriving in very dynamic and competitive real estate market conditions.

Looking ahead, we see the market leveling off, due to the combined effect of the unprecedented growth in mortgage interest rates and the shortage of real estate. Yet, despite market adversities, we will continue to offer the best training, guidance and technology in our industry that enable our consultants' businesses to thrive.”

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