Anyone who owns a house, or simply a tenant, can follow here the various subjects related to taxation related to the real estate area.

Index What are, nowadays, and very briefly, the main difficulties for those who want to buy or rent a house? What is the root of the problem in Portugal? For a young person who wants to buy their first home, what barriers are there? Are there any incentives missing? Which? And what future challenges does the new generation face?... View more
Introduction to the Real Estate Market in Portugal

Portugal is a destination appreciated by foreigners, thanks to its mild climate, feeling of security, good schools, quality services and infrastructure, for having receptive and hospitable people, where command of the English language is great, magnificent landscapes and a rich culture . These reasons are amplified by an attractive real...

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The program aims to increase the supply of affordable housing in Portugal, fight real estate speculation and promote foreign investment in the housing sector.

Measures of the "Mais Habitação" Package

The program contains several measures, among which the following can be highlighted:

Creation of support for the promotion of affordable rental housing; Promotion of a new generation... View more

As with other real estate questions, there is no "turnkey" answer that fits all doors. Each case is different. Therefore, I will approach this topic by talking about several perspectives that can help you formulate the most appropriate choice.

Time and place are crucial

What seems appropriate at one time will not be so at another. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of...

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Municipal Property Tax (IMI) will get more expensive in 2022 for newly built or rehabilitated homes. After three years without moving, the rate should increase by around 4% for these cases, and all because of the recent escalation in construction costs, which led the Government to update one of the coefficients that serve as the basis for calculating the tax. .

Since 2019, the value of...

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In 2021, property owners will pay less IMI (municipal property tax) in 84 municipalities in the country. According to the legislation that governs this tax, which reverts to the municipal coffers, each municipality has the autonomy to choose which rates to apply, within certain limits. In the case of a home for own housing, the rate can vary between 0.3% (minimum rate) and 0.5% (maximum rate...

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Until October 2019, consultation of a property register was shrouded in confidentiality and only accessible to the owner(s) of the respective properties. This privacy rule still remains unchanged, however, an exception was introduced for lawyers and solicitors. These professionals now have the possibility of accessing this information whenever they are dealing with...

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For this, it will be mandatory that the deed document contains the payment method used to pay for the property (mentioning the bank account numbers / checks), and these data will have to be verified and certified by the respective notary.

This proposal, which has just been submitted to the assembly of the republic, will be debated in parliament and subject to a subsequent vote.


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