Oeiras is a village and municipality, located on the coast of Estoril on the outskirts of Lisbon. It has only 45.88 km² but is the 5th most populous municipality in Portugal, with 172 120 inhabitants (census of 2011).

The proximity to the Tagus coastline is a point of attraction for residents, tourists and business parks.

Oeiras benefits from a temperate maritime climate suitable for outdoor activities and use of its attractive gardens, parks and beaches. Globally it is considered a municipality of choice to work and live and one that provides a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

Oeiras, much because of the various business parks, is nicknamed as the Silicon Valley of Europe, being considered one of the most developed and wealthy counties of the Iberian Peninsula and even of Europe. It is the municipality with the highest income per capita in Portugal, the 2nd municipality with the highest purchasing power and the 2nd largest municipality to collect taxes in Portugal.

Oeiras is also the county in Portugal with the highest concentration of population with higher studies and the area of Portugal with the lowest population rate without studies.

Many multinational companies have chosen Oeiras as their headquarters, in addition to the scientific R & D centers that represent 30% of the country's capacity, placing Oeiras in the group of municipalities of the most important in Europe in this valence.

Updated on: 
1. May 2020

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