Barcarena is a place whose history is lost in time, with vestiges of occupation that go back to the Neolithic period, and which demonstrate the rural character that has always been a strong mark of this friendly village.

The village itself has centuries of history, but has undergone a more rapid development since the 14th century, with the establishment of the Gunpowder Factory of Barcarena and other local industries and services, starting in 1540. It is located along the Barcarena river, in the deepest part of the valley, and is flanked by two symmetrical hills, surrounded by scattered vegetation between this leafy valley.

Points of interest

  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição
  • Church of São Pedro de Barcarena
  • Church of São Sebastião (Barcarena) (16th century)
  • Church of Santo António (Tercena)
  • Eneolítica de Leceia Station
  • The Powder Factory of Barcarena, where the Black Gunpowder Museum is currently located


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