This is a common designation for an independent house, with or without a garden.


The word housing is also used instead of housing, as they are synonymous (although the Latin origin of housing comes from "house to live" and house from "house to live".

The house may or may not have its space bounded by walls. There are different types of housing:

  • Townhouse - more than 2 houses built in such a way that its side walls and roof are common;
  • Semi-detached houses - 2 houses, where one of the side walls and the roof is common. The garden space, when it exists, can be common, or separated by walls;
  • Single Family House - the house is completely independent and its exterior walls and roof are not shared with any other house.

Townhouses usually consist of a condominium, with the payment of a fee for common expenses. The houses can also be inserted in a common condominium, closed or not.

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