Amadora is a recent city (1979), is an integral part of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, has an area of 23.8 km2, 171,500 inhabitants (2021) and is the 4th largest city in the country.

Amadora is divided into 6 parishes: Águas Livres, Alfragide, Encosta do Sol, Falagueira-Venda Nova, Mina de Água and Venteira. It is confined by the following municipalities: Odivelas (northeast), Lisbon (southeast), Oeiras (south and west) and Sintra (west and north).

Initially a strongly rural area, the municipality saw the pace of urban and industrial growth accelerate between the 1950s and 1970s, largely thanks to improved accessibility, namely after the construction of the Lisbon-Sintra train line.
From that time on, it suffered a strong population explosion, due to its geographical proximity to Lisbon, assuming itself as a dormitory area for workers who migrated from the countryside to the capital (mostly from the Alentejo) in search of better living conditions.

Real estate

In terms of housing and according to INE data:

  • In the 4th quarter of 2021, the average price per square meter (relative to the previous 12 months) of housing in Amadora was €1,820/m2. This corresponds to the 19th municipality with the highest value in Portugal and the 8th most expensive in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.
  • In the 2nd quarter of 2021, Amadora was the 4th most expensive municipality to rent a house in Portugal: €8.76/m2. Only surpassed by Lisbon (11.12 €/m2), Cascais (10.56 €/m2) and Oeiras (9.86 €/m2). This is fundamentally due to the strong demand for housing, which is not met by the supply of new and used houses for sale.


In terms of security, in the last decade, Amadora has done an excellent job, currently occupying the 9th position in the ranking of the incidence of crimes in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, having gone from 41.3 crimes in 2013 to 27.2 crimes in 2020.

Amadora has several health facilities, especially the public hospital Professor Doutor Fernando Fonseca and 3 private hospitals: Hospital da Luz, Hospital da Trofa and Hospital Lusíadas Saúde.

Despite being an essentially residential city, Amadora has commercial parks, industries and the headquarters of relevant and important companies at a national level. As commercial parks, there are IKEA, Decathlon, Continente and UBBO (one of the largest shopping centers in Portugal). Amadora also has the headquarters of some international companies operating in Portugal such as Siemens and Roche. It also has the Dr. Bayard, BA Glass's glass factory, etc.


Amadora has a variety of public cultural facilities, including:

  • Cineteatro D. João V (auditorium with 388 seats, fully equipped, including digital projection system);
  • Artur Bual Municipal Gallery;
  • Municipal Museum of Archeology;
  • Recreios da Amadora (an auditorium, two dance studios/rehearsal room and a noble hall/multipurpose space);
  • Roque Gameiro House;

Sport and Leisure

Among the most important sports clubs are Estrela da Amadora, Associação Académica da Amadora and Clube Natação da Amadora. The Amadora Central Park, a multifunctional space with 65 thousand square meters of green areas, a lake and various equipment for physical and leisure activities.


In Amadora you will find the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema with several Degrees, Masters, Post-Graduations and the possibility of Doctorates.It also has one of the Military Academy campuses, where a significant part of the student body is located, namely internal students, academic services, and a proportional part of the support and administration services. It has several schools in the Public Schools network as well as several private schools.

transport and mobility

In addition to rail and metro transport, Amadora is served by several bus operators, which provide internal connections within Amadora and the neighboring municipalities of Lisbon, Odivelas, Oeiras and Sintra.
In terms of road infrastructure, the IC19, A9, A16, A36 and A37 stand out among the main roads.

Points of interest

  • Amadora Central Park;
  • Artificial caves in Carenque;
  • Águas Livres Aqueduct;
  • General Staff of the Air Force (EMFA);

Apartments, villas, land and others for sale in Amadora

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