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Moncarapachoinfo-icon is an old parish belonging to the municipality of Olhão, Faro district. This place is located in the flat territory that spreads between the Algarveinfo-icon mountain range and the shoreline of the beaches and the ria formosa.

With a territory of 75,19 km ² has about 7 717 inhabitants (census of 2011).

Points of interest

It has as highlights the village of Moncarapacho,

Solar da Farrobeira - Private construction finished quite possibly in 1737, date that appears in an inscription at the entrance of the chapel. Throughout its history, it served as a residence for an important noble and rural family of the region, but the socio-economic mutations of century XX determined its loss of function and the consequent abandonment. In 1998, already in an advanced state of degradation, it was put up for sale, and a campaign of works is expected shortly, which will inevitably adulterate the original image of the whole.See pictures 


Barra da Fuseta beach has a very extensive stretch of sand.
It is located in a restinga, in the extreme East of the Island of Armona, in Ria Formosa. In this beautiful corner, the dune system is non-existent.
This is an uncrowded beach, ideal for those seeking peace and communion with nature.
The access is done by boat.

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