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The Algarveinfo-icon is one of the most famous tourist regions in Portugal (4.2 million tourists and 20 million overnight stays in 2017). Located in the south of the country, it borders Spain and is bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean.

Its beaches rival some of the best beaches in the world and attract tourists from all regions of the globe. The warm waters and the extensive golden sands cover almost all of its coast.

The Algarve is currently the third richest region of Portugal, after the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Madeira. It has a population of 451,000 inhabitants (Census 2011) and a per capita GDP of 86% of the European Union average. In its capital, Faro, is located the International Airport of Faro, the University of Algarve, the Stadium of the Algarve, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.

Its temperate Mediterranean climate, characterized by soft and mild winters and long, hot, dry summers, along with the development index of its cities, are more than sufficient reasons to continue to attract new inhabitants and to elect its real estateinfo-icon market as one of the most dynamic in Portugal.


Real Estateinfo-icon for Sale at Algarve

If you wish to buy a house, (apartment, townhouse, a building plot, farm, estate, etc.) in this location, see here the offer that I have available. If you do not find the property you are looking for, please contact me, because the internal network of Keller Williams Portugal has many opportunities that awaits for you and some of them will certainly meet your needs.

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