Lumiar is a historic neighborhood in the north of Lisbon, whose creation dates back to the 13th century (1266), whose farm and country house in Lumiar was donated by D. Dinis to D. Afonso Sanches in 1312. Having come to be known by Paços do Infante D. Afonso Sanches. Later King Afonso IV, started to designate this residence as Paço do Lumiar, a name that still stands today.

For centuries it was a place frequented by the nobility that has developed thanks to several farms, where the cultivation of vineyards and olive groves has assumed a predominant role. On July 18, 1885, he was integrated in the city of Lisbon.

Today it is a modern parish with 41,163 inhabitants (2011 census), composed of several housing developments and condominiums, including Alta de Lisboa, Quinta do Lambert, Parque Europa, Quinta das Conchas, etc. Much of this housing growth has been accelerated since the completion of the North-South highway in 2007.

In this parish, in addition to a unique offer of public transport (Metro das Conchas and Lumiar, and several bus routes by Carris), it benefits from excellent road access (North-South Axis, Second Circular of Lumiar, CRIL, etc.) and has a lot of neighborhood trade, restaurants, public services, sports equipment, green areas (Quinta das Conchas and Lilases Recreational Park), etc.

The Lumiar parish keeps its name, but its limits are significantly changed. It adds Carnide territory and gives land to Olivais. It occupies 8% of the City. The variation in the evolution of buildings, accommodation, families and individuals is based on the old limits, so it serves only as a reference to illustrate the evolutionary trend. Lumiar does not have a larger number of buildings (-2%), but has undergone changes in the building that have generated significant increases in accommodation (22%), families (23%) and of less significance, in individuals (9%). Lumiar is a recently built parish (42% built after 1991 and 38% between 1970 and 1990), mostly owned by the occupier (72%). The buildings are tall (58% with 5 or more floors), although with some weight of the low (25% with 1 to 2 floors) and have several accommodations per building (69% with 3 or more accommodations). The accommodations have predominantly 5 or more rooms (56%) and 3 to 4 (43%). They have areas of 101 to 200 m2 (50%) and 50 to 100 m2 (39%).The population of Lumiar is much younger and educated than that of the City (42% versus 37%, concludes higher education). The Aging Index reveals that there are 96 elderly people for every 100 children (0 to 14 years old), while in the city, there are 183 for every 100. Thus, 74% of families do not have elderly people. In the total population of the parish, the extremes of the age pyramid (the 14 and over 65 years old), have practically the same number of individuals.

The parish of Lumiar is currently one of the most populous areas of Lisbon and one of the places where a real urban improvement is taking place, the so-called Alta de Lisboa, enhancing a new centrality of the city. Lumiar has great accessibility and a privileged location at the confluence of several fundamental accesses in the city of Lisbon. Its creation dates back to the 13th century as a result of a significant population increase in this area. The designation "Paço do Lumiar" originated from the time of D. Afonso IV's reign and was attributed to a house and farm inherited by D. Afonso Sanches, inherited from the Count of Barcelos. Currently, Paço do Lumiar represents the historic center of the parish. Lumiar is located in the north extension of Campo Grande, following the axis Avenida da Liberdade, Marquês de Pombal, Saldanha, Avenida da República, Campo Grande, that is, in the great new avenues that extended Lisbon to the north. This location immediately indicates a direct and fast access to the city center and a proximity to the main national axes with regard to road accessibility.The main highways are less than a step away, either north, south or east towards Spain. In terms of rail transport, the reference station will be Entrecampos, where several hundred trains cross daily, from the high speed that connects Portugal from north to south, to regional, interregional, urban and suburban connections. In addition, Lumiar is also served by many urban bus routes and by the metropolitan that place it close to the whole of Lisbon. The airport is very close and easily accessible to frequent travelers, whether they are driven by business or for any other reason. Lumiar is much more than a residential space, with more offers and infrastructures that complement a residential area. In the Lumiar area there are several cultural offers, including several theatrical associations, cinemas, the National Theater Museum and the National Museum of the Costume, Municipal Library, among others.At the National Theater Museum, former Monteiro-Mor Palace, several collections of costumes and theatrical props, handwritten pieces, discs and many other objects are displayed, the oldest dating from the 18th century. The Orlando Ribeiro Library, located near the Metro station, located at the end of Estrada de Telheiras on the right side, is a valid option for students and regular readers, as it provides access to computer equipment and devices as well as the rental of literary documents. The libraries and study places available in the parish complement the brilliant representation of public and private educational institutions present here. The large offer of higher education institutions, namely the National School of Public Health and the Higher Institute of Education and Sciences make Lumiar an ideal parish for students. In addition to this offer, it is worth noting the proximity to the university city, where the offer translates into numerous options in the most varied areas of training.In terms of lower degrees of education, several high quality schools stand out, many of them renowned and outstanding for several prominent personalities in Portuguese history, namely the German School of Lisbon, Colégio São João de Brito, Colégio de Santa Doroteia, Colégio Planalto, Colégio Manuel Bernardes, among others. The public network of schools is also very wide and fully responds to the needs of the population. In the case of Lisbon, security is the watchword. The Portuguese capital is, on an equal footing with the capital of Finland, the safest European capital, where violent crime is almost nonexistent, proof that Portugal is still a hospitable country with mild customs. Portugal's universalist tradition makes foreigners welcome. Lisbon is a cosmopolitan capital where several nationalities meet in a healthy hodgepodge that originated in the 19th century. XVI with the gesture of the Discoveries. Lumiar is intersected by several areas of leisure and recreation. As an example, mention the Parque do Monteiro-mor, Quinta dos Lilazes and Quinta das Conchas.Thinking of Golfers, with the aim of making this sport of Scottish origin a form of relaxation and fun for the whole family, the Paço do Lumiar Golf Club has an area reserved for its practice. The Club has rooms, changing rooms and a garden with a specific area for golf training. This is one of the institutions that places the parish's priority on developing the spirit of family conviviality and the relationships of strong conviviality and friendship among its inhabitants on a highly important level. Lumiar represents an attractive and fun place for kids and adults where socializing, rest and complicity find the perfect setting. Tennis is also present at the Paço do Lumiar Tennis Club, a Club that monitors and supports young people in training for competition centered on the most potential players, focusing on the younger players of the Club. All these available areas allow moments of relaxation and great proximity to nature, ideal for a weekend or at the end of a working day.In terms of commerce, once again Lumiar benefits from excellent accessibility that puts the largest commercial areas in the country within walking distance, even though there is a supply in the area capable of meeting all day-to-day needs. In the Municipal Market fresh fruit aromas are available from a variety of vegetables, fish and fresh meats that make this a complete place to complete the shopping list with high quality local products. The luxury commercial area of Avenida da Liberdade is also a short distance from Lumiar, similar to the historic area of Lisbon, the Castle, Chiado, Rossio and the Tagus. The gastronomy available on site lives up to the mix of cultures existing in the city of Lisbon so you can find quality places where Italian dishes are served, here? pizzas? and the masses acquire other aromas and flavors; typical dishes of Chinese and Japanese cuisine, already with a notable Western touch, but without reducing the flavors and quality of cooking; typical dishes of Brazilian and contemporary cuisine; where black beans and farofa take center stage; among other tasty alternatives.Lumiar does not neglect lovers of a good hamburger and also offers pleasant spaces for snacks and socializing where young people can enjoy this and other dishes in a convivial atmosphere and good mood. Among the options of places conducive to socializing are cafes, bars and terraces. Some establishments are versatile and adapt to the nocturnal and daytime environment, it is possible to rest after lunch drinking an aromatic coffee and, at the end of the day, they are striking in the early evening creating an involving and mythical environment. main attraction is its location and its proximity to everything that is essential to live with quality, from transportation, schools, universities, cinemas, museums, theaters, among many other advantages. As it is a relatively modernized area with a large housing capacity, it was designed to provide the quality of life necessary to satisfy the needs and ambitions of those who design their new home in a city like Lisbon. This parish, Lumiar, represents a successful bet in terms of providing well-being and comfort to its residents.This is a place where every tourist aspires to become a permanent resident due to its specificities that make it a pleasant place to live and with great potential for business development due to its population and economic growth.

Quinta das Conchas and Quinta dos Lilases

Our Lady of Peace Farm

Lumiar Cemetery

R. António Livramento - Expectant Area / Green Corridor (Next to Galp)

Deviation Road - Expectant Area / Green Corridor (Calçada do Poço)

Avenida Padre Cruz - Road Framing

Central Axis - Track Framing

Calçada de Carriche - Route Framing (Lumiar and Santa Clara)

Alto do Lumiar Municipal Sports Complex

Orlando Ribeiro Library (except the Auditorium)

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