Academia e Centro Equestre João Cardiga

The Equestrian Academy João Cardiga is a national reference and is located in Oeiras, next to Oeiras Golf & Residence. It is inserted in the facilities of the Equestrian Center with the same name, founded in 1992 by the renowned horseman João Cardiga.

Academia e Centro Equestre João Cardiga

The space is characterized by a familiar and welcoming environment, where the almost rural surroundings and the passion for the horse constitute a pole of attraction, for all those who privilege contact with nature and animals.

The institution is approved by the Sports and Youth Institute, the Portuguese Equestrian Federation and the National Riding School.

Aimed at welcoming, treating and training the Horse, the Equestrian Center has 60 Boxes, 2 Covered Riding Stables (60x20 and 40x20) and 3 Outdoor Riding Stables with quality floors for sports and / or leisure training. it also offers its associates a home-made and cozy restaurant: a ring of flavors, which operates at the same time as the center.

Along with the João Cardiga Equestrian Academy, the João Cardiga Equestrian Center is a reference in the national equestrian panorama, providing equestrian activities "FOR ALL", in the areas of Health, Training, Culture, Leisure and Sports. Within the Academy there is a Bar / Restaurant to support members, which is open from Tuesday to Sunday to welcome you with traditional Portuguese flavors and a rusticly welcoming atmosphere.

The Academy and the João Cardiga Equestrian Center are recognized for their training (Equestrian School, Clube do Pony, Saddle Exams, Professional Training Center - Cardiga Training Center) and participation in sports and equestrian competition (Trophy / Dressage Poneis; Teaching / Dressage; Adapted Riding / Paradressage; Work Riding; Special Olympics). It also owes its recognition to its riding skills for therapeutic purposes (Hipotherapy; Adapted / Playful Riding; Therapeutic Riding).

From the Vaulting to the Saddle classes, following the Practitioner Training program of the FEP-Portuguese Equestrian Federation, here you can start a learning process and then evolve by objectives by doing the SEAL EXAMS (from saddle 1 to saddle 9) and, if you want to choose a competition mode.


Estrada Caminho da Serra, Leceia 2730-040, Barcarena
(+351) 214 212 261


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14. September 2018
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