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The numbers are overwhelming: over 1 million homes sold in the US and more than $ 300 billion in closed deals. These tentative figures, now revealed, were compiled by independent consultant T3 Sixty and confirmed that Keller Williams outperformed Re / Max (in dollar sales volume), which was considered to be the market leader in the US

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At Keller Williams , like other real estate companies, it is a common practice to lower the consultant's compensation premiums and conditions and restart the rankings that mirror the company's activity in each annual cycle, and mine coincides with the beginning of the year. In this activity nothing is guaranteed: the remunerations, the clients, the portfolio of real estate, etc. etc.

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It seems like little, but Portugal could hardly aspire to a better marketing strategy for its promotion. As Santa Casa says: it's easy, cheap, and gives millions!

A LUXURY TEAM Scarlett Johansson , the 33-year-old American singer and actress, bought an apartment at Príncipe Real. Lisbon thus becomes the most recent city in the choices of the famous actress ( Lost in... Read more

This is a question that many owners and mediators have already made, and of course, each has its own guess. But this issue is dealt with more strictly when it comes to real estate listing companies, such as the Zillow Group (the largest online real estate listing company).

What experts say about the seasons to sell your home

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But whenever we are confronted with the unexpected success of someone, perennial or transient, the first question that comes to us is, "How did you get it?", "What's the secret?" .

The truth is that, as a rule, success is the result of a formula that aggregates several variables and is the balance between them that results. I tried from the first moment to establish a... Read more

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