Ericeira is a fishing village located on the western coast of Portugal, 35 kilometers (22 mi) northwest of Lisbon, a parish in the municipality of Mafra, considered the surfing capital of Europe because it is the only European spot among the World Surf Reserves and exceptional coastal conditions for surfing.

Ericeira has a population of 10,260 inhabitants (2011 census), who reside in an area of 12 km².

Ericeira was a popular summer retreat for many of Lisbon's families in the 1940s and 1950s. Today, it is a popular destination for local tourists and visitors, as well as surfers from around the world due to the forty beaches with good conditions in the area.

Ericeira Beaches

Ericeira's golden sand beaches are bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and are recognized worldwide

  • São Julião Beach - Located in the parish of Carvoeira, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the municipality of Mafra.It has an extensive beach surrounded by cliffs and is much sought after for its beauty, by surfers or recreational fishing practitioners.
  • Foz do Lizandro Beach - South of Ericeira, at the mouth of the Lizandro River, this beach is very popular with children thanks to the small lagoons formed by the river. It is frequented by surfers who appreciate its excellent waves and has nightlife due to the bars located there.
  • Praia de São Lourenço - 7km from Ericeira, close to Ribamar, this beach is famous for the many restaurants specializing in fresh fish and seafood. Located in a sheltered bay, it has good support infrastructure and excellent conditions for surfing.
  • Praia dos Pescadores - Also known as Praia do Peixe, located in the center of Ericeira, it is one of the most frequented beaches in the area, sheltered from the south winds by a 40 meter high cliff, and is frequented by professional fishermen who protect their fish there. boats.
  • São Sebastião Beach - Located on the northern tip of Ericeira, next to the Chapel that gives it its name. The beach is completely covered at high tide, so its use is somewhat limited during the day. It is very popular with surfers and bodyboarders for its waves.
  • Praia da Baleia - Leaning against Ericeira, also called Praia do Sul, it is next to the Hotel Vila Galé, and is sought by bathers for being sheltered from the north winds. Dotted with tents and colorful awnings, it has support infrastructures.
  • Ribeira d'Ilhas Beach - Easily recognized by the statue of a surfer located at the viewpoint, it is located in a valley between high cliffs, 3.5 km north of Ericeira and since 1985 it has hosted the world surfing championship (WQS), thanks waves ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. It has support structures: changing room, wc, restaurant / bar with terrace, surf schools and first aid station.
  • Praia dos Coxos - Just outside Ribamar, this small beach is located and is one of the best choices for windy days because it is sheltered from the north wind. With transparent waters, but with strong currents, it has a stunning view from the viewpoint on the top of the cliff.
  • Praia da Calada - Sheltered by high cliffs, it is a very beautiful place located north of the village of Ericeira (10 kms).Its very spacious beach has limited areas for practicing volleyball and football and has support infrastructures, including an uneven parking lot, and an excellent viewpoint over the coast.
  • Praia da Empa - It is frequented at low tide when the sand is longer and is one of the most charming beaches in Ericeira. It attracts surfers, bodyboarders and swimmers who delight in the small puddles formed between the rocks during low tide.
  • Praia do Matadouro - It has a little extensive sand and does not have the capacity to receive many bathers. It is chosen by many surf schools for the initial training of the sport.
  • Praia do Norte - Or Praia do Algodio, is an urban beach limited by the jetty of Ericeira.With access from the center of the village, this is one of the most popular beaches in the region, due to its central location and the fact that it is guarded, although it is unprotected from the north winds.
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