Área Bruta

Área Bruta

It is the total surface of the fire, and represents the sum of the gross areas of all the floors of a building, above and below the ground and is measured considering the exterior of the walls that delimit, or separate the apartments.

They include:

  • Balconies, balconies, private verandas and balconies;
  • Accessory locations, cellars and private attics;
  • The part which, on each floor, is used by the lift and forklift boxes;
  • Stairs and the share of the common circulation areas of the building.

They exclude:

  • Attics that are not habitable (that do not have legal standing for housing purposes);
  • Garages located in basement, including access areas;
  • Technical areas (PT, thermal power station, garbage collection compartments, etc.);
  • Public galleries for public use;
  • Collections in basement assigned to the various units of use of the building;
  • Open terraces;
  • Public outdoor galleries;
  • Streets or other open spaces for public use covered by the building.

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