Carcavelos was a Portuguese parish of the county of Cascais, with 4.51 km² of area and 23 347 inhabitants (2011).

It was abolished in 2013, under a national administrative reform, and was added to the parish of Parede, to form a new parish named Union of Parishes of Carcavelos and Parede.

It was a village up to the elevation of neighboring Oeiras to that category in 1760. It was once part of the municipality of Oeiras.

It gives its name to an ancient and famous generous wine, the Carcavelos Wine, whose demarcated region is the smallest of Portugal and one of the first of the World, along with the Douro.

It is one of the most frequented places of the entire Cascais Line, especially for the beach which is one of the largest in the area.

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