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KW Somos develops its activity in the real estate market, within the scope of Keller Williams Portugal since 2015. Currently, this Keller Williams Portugal franchisee has 1 Market Center, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto district.

KW Somos is the largest real estate company in Vila Nova de Gaia and has a multi-faceted team that covers the entire metropolitan area of Porto.

The Market Center of Vila Nova de Gaia currently has a team with more than real estate consultants.

KW Somos is the fastest growing real estate company in Gaia and this is not by chance, it is because:

  • By helping to build the career of their consultants, they pay back by helping to build the company;
  • By providing the best training in the world, the best technology, sharing financial results and empowering our agents;
  • We are a consultancy and training company, which happens to be in the real estate sector,

We are for you!


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