Urban requalification

Urban Requalification is an intervention that consists of adapting the physical structure of buildings or an urban area, without significant changes, to a different use for what was initially conceived. It is usual to choose to requalify properties, or neighborhoods, when their original function is no longer justified, partially or in full. For example, areas of a city that were formerly occupied with factory buildings and which are requalified for another function, eg residential areas, etc. On this page you can follow news and articles related to this topic.

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As in Portugal we do not have the caste tradition we use a substitute that gives the name of "luxury" to segment people and tastes. The difficulty lies in measuring the limits of its application. What to some is luxurious, to others is banal. What for some is reproachable for others is cause for admiration and envy. This is a territory where consensus and common sense do not...

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