São Vicente

This parish was created in 2013 and resulted from the junction of the old parishes of São Vicente de Fora, Graça and Santa Engrácia. Integrated in the Historic Center of Lisbon has 15 339 inhabitants.

It is rich in historical and cultural heritage, with its famous belvederes of Graça and Nossa Senhora do Monte, the Convento de São Vicente, the Church of Santa Engrácia (now called the National Pantheon), etc.

With a privileged location, facing the Tagus, its houses spread through streets and alleys encloses a picturesque beauty that enchants those who pass by.

Points of interest:

  • Old Convent of Santa Apolónia and Palacio Pancas Palha
  • Neighborhood Estrela de Ouro
  • Field of the Convent of the Order of Santa Clara
  • Chapel of Senhora do Monte
  • Cinema Royal
  • Mónicas' Convent
  • Convent of Santa Clara - Armament Factory
  • Convent of São Vicente de Fora
  • Santa Apolónia Train Station
  • Flea market
  • Navy Hospital
  • Convent of Graça Church
  • Church of Santa Porciúncula
  • Water Museum
  • Lavradio Palace - Supreme Military Court
  • Resende Palace - Casão Militar
  • Sinel de Cordes Palace - Triennial
  • National Pantheon
  • Sapadores Headquarters 
  • Vila Berta
  • Vila Sousa
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