1st Place - National Top KW - Accumulated Total - September 2020

1st Place - National Top KW - Accumulated Total - September 2020

This distinction gave me the 1st place in the National Top of Keller Williams Portugal in terms of turnover, accumulated until September 2020, among more than 1,900 consultants. This distinction is not just the result of my work, but of an extended team, which includes colleagues, the Market Center KW Sol and obviously KW Portugal.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing and the respective economic crisis that knocked on the door of companies and individuals, people still need to buy a house. It is in these special moments that each real estate consultant is put to the test: either he comes out reinforced and guarantees success for the next years, or his weaknesses are more exposed . Keller Williams and KW Portugal (who celebrated their 6th Anniversary in September), believe that these are times to bet even stronger, planning and investing even more in their growth and in the future of their more than 182,000 members! This is what I will continue to do!

I am very proud of this award and confident in the future!

Award Date: 
Tuesday, 30 June, 2020
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