2018 - Start over ...

I finally received the results for the month of December and confirm the course verified during the year 2017: 1st place among 1500 consultants, regarding the accumulated business volume throughout the year.

I closed the 2017 in beauty and had the honor to reach the Prize Double Platinum delivered by Keller Williams Portugal.

At Keller Williams, like other real estate companies, it is a common practice to lower the consultant's compensation premiums and conditions and restart the rankings that mirror the company's activity in each annual cycle, and mine coincides with the beginning of the year. In this activity nothing is guaranteed: the remunerations, the clients, the portfolio of real estate, etc. etc.

For some it may be scary to face a new year, lowering commissions by ceasing to be Capper, facing the unknowns of the business, moving from top to bottom ... not for me. For almost a year, from February 2017, 1st place was installed and was my companion throughout the year. Now, everything goes back to the starting point: the zero :)

Because that's where I start every time the year starts! For me it's like starting over! For some it is bad, for others it is good. For some it is a source of insecurity, for others it is a stimulus to grow, stronger and stronger.

If the year 2017 was exceptional for the real estate industry in Portugal, all the indicators make me believe that the year 2018 will be even better. The international environment will certainly push. The name of Portugal will be on the rise. Interest rates although they may suffer increases, these will still be timid. Demand from international investors interested in the Portuguese market is already showing signs that it could be even stronger.

On the other hand there are challenges on the horizon: they begin to scarce real estate to respond to so much demand and the construction of new ones is not immediate. Sales prices are expected to continue to grow, in tandem with demand, which is obviously not good for domestic buyers. Leasing opportunities will remain scarce and at high prices. The valuation of the euro is also not expected to stop as long as the European economy remains at its current level. Anyway ... unknowns, challenges, hopes, disappointments ... this is what I hope for 2018!

I leave you with a video of Rabbi Abraham Twerski who tells us how the "Lobster Motivation" is a good source of inspiration to grow with adversity.

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