Family Reunion - KW Portugal - 2020

The first KW Portugal Family Reunion took place in Vimeiro, in 2016, where I was present with more than 300 fellow consultants. In 2020 I and more than 500 consultants will be present at one of the biggest events in the real estate industry in Portugal and in the World, but this time I had the pleasure of being invited as a speaker.

The event will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of January at the Hotel Tivoli in Vilamoura-Algarve and that in addition to exchanging experiences and sharing information about the career of a real estate consultant, will have the largest panel of speakers ever.

There are already many confirmed international names, some of whom are part of the restricted group of consultants who do monthly coaching directly with Gary Keller, and who come to Portugal full of desire to share their experiences, successes and failures that allowed their businesses to grow. I am sure that everyone will have the opportunity to learn from each of them and learn lessons to apply in real estate.

KW Portugal Speakers

Family Reunion 2020 - National Guests

Me, Ana Mação from KW Sol and # 1 in the Solo Agent Ranking in Portugal, presents " 10 Marketing Tactics that guarantee success".

Marta Valle of the KW Area and # 1 in the Team Ranking ., Presents " #TOP 10 Errors in Creating a Team ".

Pedro Oliveira from KW Aábaco and # 3 in the Team Ranking , presents " #TOP 10 Errors in Creating a Team " together with Marta Valle.

André Botelho of KW Somos presents " SHIFT ", Gary Keller's last book.

João Paleta Training Director at KW Ábaco presents " Coaching Applied to Sales ".

Sandra Ramalho Productivity Coach from KW ÁBACO, presents " OPEN-HOUSE - A different approach ".

José Faria António , Operating Principal at KW Sol, presents " Leadership of Consultants and Market Centers Teams ".

José Bernardo , Operating Principal at KW Flash, presents " Culture - The glue that unites us ".

International Guests

Family Reunion 2020 - International Guests

Wendy Papasan presents " Take Control of Your Time, Take Control of Your Life " and " Events for Customers as a lead generator ", " Building Wealth " and " Secrets for hiring the 1st Assistant ". Lead agent of Papasan Properties Group, with teams spread over 4 cities in 3 states. Over 9 years, he sold more than 850 homes, totaling more than $ 350 million.

Molly de Mattos presents " Top 10 Tips to create a great team (mindset) ", " Presentation of Services Proposal " and " How to work Buyers ". Together with Matt Tavener, they form The Matt & Molly Team, a team of 15 elements and which annually sells more than 200 properties. She is also an instructor at KWU and MAPS BOLD Coach.

Sarita Dua presents " Session Growing your business through database touch program ", " How to create and manage a team " and " Negotiation ". For 14 years in the real estate sector, he has specialized in working with the buyer client and this innovative and disruptive approach has brought him very positive results, being today one of the 100 consultants who meet monthly with Gary Keller himself.

Kirby Chan presents Social Networks: "How to go from Friend Requests to Closed Deals & Recruits " and " How to go from Ads to Closed Deals & Recruits ". A KW Mega Agent based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which in the last 11 years has grown its business through social networks - with a focus on Facebook - applying the MREA Models and Systems.

Debbie Zois presents " What is expected of an MCA (Q&A) " and " How the first MREA were born in the USA ". Born in Canada but moved to Las Vegas 34 years ago and 23 years ago he started at KW with only a part time assistant. Its business has grown and today it is a MEGA AGENT with a team that has earned more than 1 million dollars in commissions, is OP and has several businesses.

Briana Sullivan presents " Accountability - Do´s and don´ts (Q&A) " and " What is expected from a Productivity Coach ". Passionate about daily work and the entrepreneurial spirit of the sales profession, Briana became a real estate agent for Keller Williams in 2009, being that year Rookie of the Year !. That decision changed the course of his life in leadership.

Patricia "Patti" Matthew presents " Market Share Appointments & TL Time Management ". È CEO / Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty in Las Vegas (KWLV), where he works with salespeople to develop their careers and build profitable businesses, creating sustainable models and systems, tailored to individual business needs / vision. KWLV is recognized as the largest, most productive and most profitable Keller Williams office in Las Vegas.

Jared Russell, presents " Best Practices for Team Building - Vision of a TL ". He has been with Keller Williams since 2013. He is currently the Team Leader of the largest office in terms of number of agents and profit share in Nevada. Jared loves to be the link between people and opportunities.

Mo Anderson , presents " The Importance of an LAC ". Guest of honor has participated in several Family Reunions in Portugal and is the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Bill Soteroff is the president of KW Worldwide and presents " Q&A". It is a recurring presence in the various editions of Family Reunion in Portugal and participates in the delivery of awards to the consultants who stood out the most throughout the year.

Other guests

Miguel Mendes presents " Real Estate Market Data by Imovirtual ".

António Ribeiro presents " Credit intermediation in 2020, powered by Santander ".

UCI (Union of Real Estate Credits) team presents " How to boost your sales ".

And, of course, it will count on the participation of Eduardo Garcia e Costa (presents " Vision Speech ") and Nuno Ascensão (presents "State of Your Company "), both Regional Owner of KW Portugal.

Don't miss out and watch my Breakout Session on the 27th , with the theme " 8 Marketing tactics to guarantee the success of a Real Estate Consultant"!

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23. January 2020
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