Finance services are one of the most important to ensure the proper collection of taxes, which is essential for the financing of our State. It is a crucial matter for anyone who is a home owner, buyer, tenant, investor, or for anyone who develops any commercial activity related to the real estate sector. I will therefore emphasize this theme, following the many news that are emerging in this area.

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My experience in this area has allowed me, however, to see that the activity of real estate brokerage suffers from a serious gap that has affected both professionals and clients, who need to use a mediator to buy or sell their property.

Although the activity of real estate mediation companies has been a regulated activity since 1992 and at present it requires the...

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Among the well-known municipalities are Porto, Covilhã, Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Almada. In other words, if you own a house in ruins, or because you have been living for more than a year, you will have to pay the increased IMI tax, the value of which will be three times what you would normally pay.

In addition to this penalty that triples the value of IMI, there is yet another clause...

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