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This Market Center belongs to KW Select, which is part of the Keller Williams Portugal chain, and is located in Porto. Currently has a team of more than real estate consultants.

The model of this new Market Center is based on the principle that the growth of the Market Center is associated with the growth of the people who work in it, thus: 25% of the capital goes to Real Estate Consultants who, due to their history of performance and KW Culture , will be part of the so-called Core Group .

KW Select has professionals who, more than collecting and selling properties, create bonds with their Customers, whether they are Owners, Buyers or Business Partners. The KW Select team is strong, cohesive, willing and extremely focused on its Objectives and the Objectives of its Customers.

The Market Center of Porto currently has a team with more than real estate consultants.

Kw Select your Election Real Estate Agency!


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