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Real estate mediation plays a crucial role in the real estate market in Portugal, being responsible for facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers, ensuring the safety and success of the process. A frequent question that arises in this context is the amount of commission charged by real estate... Ler Mais

In this article, we will explore how to identify an ineffective real estate consultant, their poor practices and the consequences for the industry, colleagues, landlords and clients. In addition, we will cover how to avoid such professionals.

We will also discuss the lack of professional ethics, the rules... Ler Mais

Keeping your home cool during the summer is important, but so is reducing your impact on the environment. See below for more detailed tips to help keep your home cool and save money, while preserving the planet.

10 Tips to cool your home and deal with the summer heat Close blinds and curtains Keep blinds closed during... Ler Mais

Since January 2022, I have maintained the 1st place in the Keller Williams Portugal National Individual Top, in terms of accumulated business volume, among more than 3,000 KW Portugal consultants.

The year 2022 was positive for the real estate sector, despite the war in Ukraine and inflation,... Ler Mais

Throughout 2022, I had the honor and privilege of celebrating the 6th consecutive year in which I achieved remarkable results in an activity in which I had no prior professional experience.

I was awarded the Triple Platinum diploma, the third of my career at KW. This level is only achieved by a select few... Ler Mais

Real estate mediation had not yet recovered from the threats coming from fintech companies and others (such as Zillow and Redfin), which aim to "uberize" this activity, and suddenly it is faced with a new challenge, whose impact and consequences are still difficult to determine. to... Ler Mais

Both. At the same weight? Not!

The importance of choosing the best real estate consultant extends to choosing an equally competent real estate agency. But, the most relevant weight should always fall on choosing the real estate consultant.

It is common for an owner to devalue the importance of... Ler Mais

Capper 2023

At KW (Keller Williams) all real estate consultants, at the beginning of each year, aim to join the restricted Clube Capper and thus benefit from 98% of the commission paid by their clients, from that moment until the end of the current year .

In the last 7 years I have obtained this distinction continuously. This year I reached that... Ler Mais

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