Floor Area Ratio

Le coefficient d'utilisation ou l'indice d'utilisation est un ratio qui indique le pourcentage de la surface totale de construction par rapport à la superficie du terrain.

The Utilization Coefficient (CA) or Utilization Index (IA) is a ratio that indicates the percentage of total construction area in relation to the land area.

For example, for a plot of land with 1400m² that has a Coefficient of Utilization of 2, this means that the property has a gross construction area of 2800m². This construction area encompasses all areas of the floors of the different floors of the property.

This coefficient is one of the parameters referenced in the Municipal Master Plan, for each area of the municipality and which, together with the other indexes (Occupancy Rate, maximum number of floors, Implementation Polygon, etc.), limits the volume and areas of a building.

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