Current overview of the Lisbon real estate market

Imovirtual gathered in an opinion article the comment of three professional real estate experts to make their perspective on the current panorama of the Lisbon property market known, I was one of them.

In 2020, we live in troubled moments all over the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the real estate activity felt this impact in a particular way.

Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams (KW), predicted that the housing market would go through a negative cycle, which always happens at every good moment and only those who prepare in advance could survive and become stronger. For me, this is the motto that defines this year!

My strategic investment in the medium / high segment of the real estate market, the focus on international buyers, the diversification of my property portfolio, as well as 4 years of strong investment in Marketing, have allowed me to better cope with the successive waves of this pandemic.

But what was already foreseen at the beginning of the year, happened and is the order of the day: property prices will continue to suffer a downward correction. This trend is strongest in the residential used housing market, particularly in apartments. My daily struggle is to incorporate this trend in the minds of some owners.

In Lisbon, the decentralization of real estate investment will be reinforced next year, with the start of the construction of several real estate projects in the periphery. Oeiras and Cascais, key counties in my activity, will benefit from this trend.

I am confident that next year will contribute to greater professionalization in the sector, rewarding those who work best and invest in the excellence of their service!

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4. January 2021
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