Here is a topic that interests everyone. This is a subject that interests me especially, as I like to write about all kinds of news, tips and articles concerning the house, its decoration, maintenance, security, etc. etc.

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As in Portugal we do not have the caste tradition we use a substitute that gives the name of "luxury" to segment people and tastes. The difficulty lies in measuring the limits of its application. What to some is luxurious, to others is banal. What for some is reproachable for others is cause for admiration and envy. This is a territory where consensus and common sense do not...

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From buying a new house, from love to appetite, to our memories, the odor awakens the rest of the senses to an invisible chemical universe, composed of gases and particles, which, due to the fact that it manifests itself so subtly, is given less importance. than the one you really have, but you knew that:

75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. Next to the vision,...

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With each passing year, people die and are injured as a result of fires in homes. In Portugal alone (according to statistics, from 2010), more than 7,430 urban fires occur per year.

The most common causes of home fires are:

Cooking - Ovens, stoves and other appliances in the kitchen; Smoking - Cigarettes erased carelessly; Fireplaces -... View more

So, I leave you here a compilation of tips that can help you to improve the security of your home and avoid major evils.

All care is little Avoid leaving valuables in sight , do not arouse the greed of those who pass by, it may not be well intentioned. If you live in a house or farm, care will have to be doubled; Don't even think about leaving keys in the usual "... View more

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