Tips to leave your home safe while on vacation

Here is the time most desired by many Portuguese ... Summer. It is time for leisure, fun, relaxation and a lot of positive feeling ... but beware not everyone thinks like you! Thieves for example. Summer is also the most desired time of year for anyone planning to breach the security of their home.

So, I leave you here a compilation of tips that can help you to improve the security of your home and avoid major evils.

All care is little

  • Avoid leaving valuables in sight , do not arouse the greed of those who pass by, it may not be well intentioned. If you live in a house or farm, care will have to be doubled;
  • Don't even think about leaving keys in the usual "hiding places" outside your home. You may find that they are impossible to detect, but for a thief it is not impossible;
  • Lock all windows and doors and check if any of them have defects that could create a security breach. If not, consider placing security bars on the windows and assessing whether the door and its locks are secure enough;
  • Do not leave valuables such as jewelry or money at home .If you have a safe, keep them inside, otherwise consider keeping them in a rented safe. For a cost that can start at € 25 a year, banks provide this service;
  • If you're not going outside, remember, you're not necessarily safe. Keep the same precautions. Night and short absences are windows of opportunity for thieves and they walk around. And do not make it easy for strangers to enter, even if the reason given seems to be the best of all worlds (such as asking for a simple glass of water);
  • Do not use social networks to advertise that you are going on vacation, or else submit this information only to a restricted group of friends and not to the general public.

Insurance and Alarms - Only after the stolen house do we value them ...

  • Make sure your insurance is paid and active, we only remember it "after the house was robbed".Take the opportunity to review the policy conditions with your insurance consultant, sometimes a small increase in value makes all the difference in terms of coverage and guarantee of the filling and other items in your home;
  • If you do not have insurance against acts of vandalism, qualified theft or theft , take advantage of the promotions and discounts that always appear at this time;
  • Consider installing a security and alarm system in your home. Today, this task is greatly facilitated by security companies, which have attractive packages in which the service and the investment in the equipment are diluted by several monthly fees.An alarm with cameras and video recording will always be the most appropriate, especially since the most recent ones already allow its remote viewing through a simple smartphone;

Thinking about everything is never enough

  • The PSP - Public Security Police every year, during the months of July to September, can, if requested, increase the police surveillance of your home during the period in which you are absent. To benefit from this service, called Operation Vacations , free of charge, just go to the police station closest to your area of residence and fill out a form (48 hours before you leave). Along with the application you must present the Citizen Card or ID and proof of address, p. ex. the last receipt for the light or telephone.
  • If your home has a home automation system, know that it is possible to program it to turn on the lights during intermittent periods , especially at night, in order to suggest that someone is still at home. Otherwise, a simple socket with a timer connected to one or more lamps will do;
  • It is not a bad idea to inform a neighbor of your confidence about the period when you will be absent and to provide him with your contact details. In this way it also takes care of other dangers that may arise, such as fires, floods or explosions;
  • Pay attention to the keys that have been circulated by other people, if you have changed the cleaning company, for example, consider changing the locks. If the house was recently purchased it is best to change the locks .
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