The security of an asset as valuable as our home and its filling requires special attention with regard to your security. So, here I leave some tips on how to protect your property and ensure that you do not lose the amount invested in it.

Updated on: 
27. May 2016

Luís Lima, the president of APEMIP , came to resume agreement with the confinement measures decided by the Government, in the context of the State of Emergency and the current pandemic, with a view to stop the contagion of the virus and protect the health and life of the Portuguese.

However, he recalled that access to housing is an essential right of citizens,...

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The Global Peace Index is a ranking prepared by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP) that covers 99.7% of the world population and aims to measure and compare the level of security in each country, using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators from highly qualified sources. respected.

In this year's ranking , Portugal occupies the 3rd position, with the same number of points...

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Of course, these are still useful suggestions for saving energy, but we do not always remember them and sometimes they pass us by completely. Did you know that you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, coupled with technology and still save money?

Automating the home is a trend that has been gaining more and more fans, being one of the best solutions for those looking for...

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This text comes about a danger, which is not new, but which has been gaining an increasing impact on the Internet: " false or erroneous profiles that support fraudulent or illegal schemes" . Anyway, a whole world of lies in which we never know who is hiding behind, whether a goldfish or a shark!

If until recently the champion of fake profiles was...

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With each passing year, people die and are injured as a result of fires in homes. In Portugal alone (according to statistics, from 2010), more than 7,430 urban fires occur per year.

The most common causes of home fires are:

Cooking - Ovens, stoves and other appliances in the kitchen; Smoking - Cigarettes erased carelessly; Fireplaces -... View more

So, I leave you here a compilation of tips that can help you to improve the security of your home and avoid major evils.

All care is little Avoid leaving valuables in sight , do not arouse the greed of those who pass by, it may not be well intentioned. If you live in a house or farm, care will have to be doubled; Don't even think about leaving keys in the usual "... View more

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