Land Registry Office

It is a public service whose main function is to record all information related to real estate, that is: the location, composition and identification of successive owners.

Wed actions can be performed at a Land Registry Office

  • The constitution, recognition, acquisition or modification of property rights, usufruct, use and housing, surface or easement.
    (for example, the acquisition of a property by purchase or donation. In the latter case, if the donor reserves the usufruct of the donated property for himself, the registration of the acquisition in favor of the donor implies unofficial completion (without depending on the will of the parties) , of the usufruct registration.)
  • The constitution or modification of horizontal property and periodic housing rights;
  • Land transformation operations resulting from subdivision, structuring of joint ownership and redistribution, as well as the respective changes;
  • Mortgage;
  • Financial leasing;
  • Attachment and declaration of insolvency;
  • Recognition, constitution, modification or extinction of any of the aforementioned rights, the actions of Paulian impugnation or the respective final decisions.

Land registration acts can now be carried out and the respective means of proof obtained, in any conservatory, regardless of their geographic location.

At the Land Registry Office of the area where the property is located you can consult:

  • What is the owner in whose name a given property is registered;
  • If there are mortgages or liens in favor of third parties;
  • If the property or the fraction is subject to any usufruct, or other burden or burden (for example legal action) in favor of third parties.

Where can I find a Land Registry Office?

There is a conservatory for each municipality in Portugal. On the page of the IRN - Institute of Registries and Notaries, you can consult the complete list of conservatories in Portugal.

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